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October 2023                               Halloween  Issue 200




 At last!! It's finally

The Dollmaker Celebrates a Landmark: 40 Years in the


yay! yay! An 8-week Show!

Four Weekends Down!

and Four to go!





A Mighty Huzzah! for

Her Majesty The Queen

who did grace the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

with a personal visit!



Why?  Welll...

 the Dollmaker expressed an interest in meeting the Queen...

to a friend who has some influence..



Hail to the Fair Queen of the Faire!

A Fine Fair Queen indeed!



The Doll Shoppe next rocked 




but then the Third Weekend was just.... ARG!

Scurvy Scoundrels adding EYE Pins to their Collections!

Bloody Bilge-Rat Pirates!

arriving still bloody from Battle to the Doll Shoppe! Geesh!

They must have really needed








and then! On the craziest weekend of them ALL..



For the first time in 40 years of participation at the Texas Renaissance Festival,

the Dollmaker decided to enter the Pumpkin Carving Contest...



Here Dr. Skully is joined by his colleague Dr. Skelley

to joyfully exhibit their Important Discoveries amid the ruins of

this ancient Pumpkin Tomb.




The Excavation of a rare Pumpkin Tomb!

Certainly a major find, including three sarcophagi, six complete skeletons,

pottery shards and many artifacts... including The Wheel...

plus a catacomb of single skulls in niches probably belonging to

Pumpkin Age Popes and Martyrs and such...



Professor Skully finds time to lecture and teach an Anatomy Class

at the local Graveyard Community College...





Today! on Halloween Day!

The Dollmaker just found out that

she took Second Place in the

Pumpkin Carving Contest!!






Huzzah! Big Thanks goes out to the Real and Fictional Sacred Dead! honor and party with the Sacred and Well-remembered Dead..





















The Doll Shoppe Judges (all ladies btw) appreciated his




His girlfriend wanted to be

a MOTH...

(..this was evidently a "turn on" for him...)





And then

Another STRANGE Thing Happened in the Doll Shoppe!



A while back the Dollmaker typed in her own name on Ebay..

This old photograph of Hers Truly with some of her Original Wee Peeple Dolls came up-

and it was for sale!


It was a photo the Dollmaker had sent to the Galveston Daily News as a Press Release back in 1984

to advertise the fact that she would be present at the Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet Festival on the Strand!

...many years later...

A Vintage Photo Company bought the photo from the Daily News and posted it for sale on Ebay.

The Dollmaker took a screenshot of the post- but when she went back to find it again

the Post was Gone! Someone had bought the photograph!


That "Someone" turned out to be Valerie- a lovely lady and good customer...

She had it framed and presented the Press Release Photo to the Dollmaker as a gift!

Just WOW! She Thanks you, Sweet Valerie!



Still Specializing in  Heraldic Pageantry and Aberrant Decadence...



As it turned out - the CELEBRATING  had only just begun...




Yes! Flying in from Florida: Brother Paul and Sandy;

Cousin Katy and her new fiancÚ, John;

and, driving in from Dallas: Daughter Shannon and Chad!

All gathered together on Halloween Weekend to

celebrate with the Dollmaker!

Two days of fun and frivolity!








Meanwhile... there were certainly a lot of Cat Peeple in the Crowd!




And the Wall Art was full of




If you can find your way to the Front Gate...

from there it's easy...





Take your first Hard Left

coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk-

do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

 is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage,

and the bend.



Closing Day: Sunday, November 26th



 Join the Dollmaker and Team Wee Peeple for 4 more wacky weekends at



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