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November  2022                              Issue 189










Plunging right in to

the usual unusual astonishing assortment of



and in the middle of it all... the


Eight Weekends in all... Four in October...

...and now...

The Faire in November


5th Weekend...


Whether or not the THEME has anything to do with "The Renaissance"...

 Here's a Weekend Fiercely and Enthusiastically Embraced by the huddled masses:





Ok, not everybody got it past "Fairy Weekend"



Heroes? Villains?

Alignment with "Themed Weekends" naturally is not exactly understood

by the contrary Fae Folk, who

are mainly interested in resembling mushrooms and coral reefs.




in a "world of their own"



 aren't we all?...





6th Weekend...


...Onward! toward the Almost-but-Not-Entirely-Incomprehensible


hmmm ok.. no doubt it's gangs of fun being an uncivilized Barbarian.

don't have to think too much..  


nevertheless, modern half-naked Barbarian Women

blocked the doorway aggressively, unable to pass a full length mirror

 without checking their look before battle...




Thankfully, not too many Barbarians attacked

or even got past the mirrors on the doors of the Doll Shoppe...




However, the Doll Shoppe was advanced upon by

a steady stream of Visitors Wearing Coats

presumably fleeing from half-naked Barbarian Hordes...

(...but also drinking beer and shopping along the way...)



and the Doll Shoppe was perfectly able to defend itself against Invasion

using Fairy Glamour of course, and with the help of

The Morrigan in her Crow Form

who is not one to be trifled with.



not to mention that the Doll Shoppe already had

the Sacred Dead

on their side..


(contact the Dollmaker if you want a Special Order Day of the Dead Doll)


AND, anyway,

Barbarians stood clear rather than

attempt to risk "education" as a by-product of

usurping more cultured Tribal personages..


The Reindeer Horned Shamen...







The Energy was there for

the Spirit Animals of November...











Fierce Contender for the archival "Relevance Award"

 Highland Fling Weekend... 

featuring the ever-droll speculation

concerning what was not worn under the Kilts..

and further inquiry into

what it must be like to sit on those concrete benches...




7th Weekend... Highland Fling








Ottis Lucifer, darling!

The Dollmaker's first Flaming Gay Guy Wizard!


Entertainer,  Decorator,

Advisor to the King...

and NOW...


It's True!

He now lives in a Hair Salon

called "Styles by Marco"

in San Antonio

and gets a LOT of Attention from the clientele!



 Also  getting a lot of attention in the Doll Shoppe

 were the Magnetic


This little boy was a refugee from the Ukraine

staying with relatives in the United States!

He was having the time of his life at the festival!






The Dollmaker did have a Happy Thanksgiving

at Toonview with the Ladies!

(and hot running water!)

(she was never so happy to be able to wash dishes

 instead of having to use paper plates!!!!)




 And as soon as the Wishes for a

Happy Thanksgiving

occupied the last out-breath...

with the next in-breath, it was..



the 3-day Grand Finale:


8th Weekend... Celtic Christmas



Including Black Friday!


On all three days...


...a Wee Merry Christmas was being schemed by many!




Applause for

all those convivial Time Travelers

who strode -or stumbled- across the Threshold of the




a big Thanks goes out to Lisa, Denise, John and Grace

and to Rob Johns and Carla who helped with the driving..

And Beverly, the Wee Peeple Woodworker

who makes the doll armatures and cuts the

wood slices for the magnets...





And John Bond's favorite sweatshirt was Present

in the Doll Shoppe the whole time.

He used to wear it everywhere.

He was there in Spirit!


The Dollmaker thanks Deborah Bond, John's niece,

who kindly brought her the sweatshirt.





Providence willing, the Wee Peeple will be back for another 17 days-

in October of 2023!

Yes! This is the only time and place during the year

 where the Dolls and the Dollmaker appear in person...


Huzzah! Shine on!






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right ho...



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