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November 2023                                  Issue 201













No- it IS a Thing!


The Dread Raccoon Pirate, Blackie;  a Rainbow Raccoon,

a Raccoon Sorcerer  and  a Raccoon Magician...



Natural-born Explorers, those frisky Tricksters intuitively Navigated

 their way right through the Faire.....


 the Dollmaker for Special Orders...




during the month of November...

The Last Four

















Well... Everyone knows Barbarians Don't buy Dolls!


But- IF they happen to feel like buying a Doll

Nobody better try to stop them!










The Little Dolls..






Bigger Dolls...






The Surprise!


...remember the Dollmaker's old friend...

Well! The Queen, wishing to express how fond she was of her Jester,

proposed a commission! A Special Doll for Jingles!

The Dollmaker recommended a Raccoon,

(noting that Jingles loved the brand new Raccoon Dolls on Facebook)!!!


So, the Queen ordered a Raccoon Doll for her Jester...



Then, on the last day of the Faire, the Queen gave Jingles the Doll!



The Dollmaker was Right There for the whole thing!








This year the Dollmaker Celebrated a Landmark:

 40 Years in the



and yet... it's Still like herding cats to get a picture of


Big thanks goes out to Shoppe Helpers, Lisa and Brandi

who told many people:



Also! Applause for John and Denise


for all those convivial Time Travelers

who strode -or stumbled- across the Threshold of the








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After-TRF Doll Sales!





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