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November 2016                        Issue  117


Sculptural Cat Paintings...  a feline phenomena!






Now then, Godspeed to those still beating their way to the



 at for one more provocatively (and fervently improbably) Themed Weekend!






 so, now... The Renaissance...

What was that about again...?



 for Deserving Patrons who come into the Doll Shoppe...

yes, and just think- the Doll Shoppe only gets a tiny fraction

of what is really out there, folks...

 on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival..

there's a LOT of Strange going on!


The Strange Award this past weekend in the Doll Shoppe
was unequivocally bestowed upon

who was a "physician" as well,

prescribing "Smarties".. one tablet per hour..
He also filled the prescription.


"Smarties", eh?

The Dollmaker wasn't sure if she had just been insulted! LOL




The Faire in November





The Amazing Mary Anne!

assured the Dollmaker in no uncertain terms that she had absolutely no more room

for any more Dolls this year...

Certainly not!

Well, except for those three Fish, this Painted Cat, that silly Mushroom, the Steampunk Aeronaut,

a Conscientious Objector, Baby Owl, Sheep Herder, Artful Peasant, Red Rose Goddess, and two Wall Hangings...

 but other than those... positively No Way!!



 These days the dilemma is: What should be counted as a "Doll"...

Nevertheless, Mary Anne owns close to 200 Wee Peeple Doll Constructions...










Don White's Fish Frenzy

"I STILL can't believe they are cardboard!"







so it went...


~the 5th Weekend at~




...nothing subliminal about...

Roman Orgy Weekend!



~Weekend 6~

 ...and she dreamed of a mustard-faced Barbarian Horde...


Barbarian Dream Weekend!



~and, not to be out-swung... the 7th~


Ding-a-ling Fling Weekend






Coming up: Grand Finale Weekend!

The Texas Renaissance Festival wraps up its 42nd spectacular season

with an unreal three day Celtic Christmas celebration:


 Black Friday, Gold Saturday, and Silver Sunday

 November 25th - 26th 27th



Looking for hand-made gifts?

Stop by your favorite artisans on this final 3-day weekend

spend $250 or more with one craftsperson

 and receive 2 Any Day tickets for the 2017 festival season.

 Just take your receipts to the Information Booth located at the front gate

 and receive your certificate for the 2017 season.


and KIDS are still FREE on SUNDAY
(Children ages 12 and younger)



ah yes ...all sprinkled with the sweetly concocted magic of the Texas Renaissance Festival...




That wild and crazy

YAY! Cheers!

A Big Thank You

goes out to Lisa, Christal and John



It was a great Season at the

The Dollmaker couldn't have done it without y'all!!









...a message from the dirt...



Millions of objects scatter when disaster strikes...

some objects are lost forever...

and some are found... one day... in the dirt...

Buried Treasure!

Unearthed! An inscribed Stone! 

Carved with a Rune Symbol!

And what is the meaning of this Message from the dark Earth?




Sowilo, Sowulo or Sigil is the sixteenth rune- the rune of extreme strength,

embodying and channeling the power of

the sun

symbolizing energy and light.

It is pronounced "Soh-veal-oh".

Literally, this rune is the vital principle of the solar light.

Sowilo represents the power to reach objectives.


Symbol of the Sun, Sowilo also represents the Illumination,

the understanding of the Mysteries and full awareness.


 It is the direct and devastating power which no obstacle can stop.

 It will ward against the harmful opinions of others to keep the heart focused on its purpose.


 Sowilo resists the forces of death and destruction,

proclaiming the triumph of the Light over the darkness.











The Bottle Hunt



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The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat




The Story of
Lady Nevermind

The story of
Vasilisa the Brave

The story of
Grandfather Frost





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512-332-6680    cell phone

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Art using Recycled Materials


Steampunk Page



"like music drifting through the air-
invisible but everywhere" 

-Jack Skellington


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