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May 2023                                Issue 195



Steampunk Owls



 The Dollmaker's latest Collaboration with Woodworker Bev!

One day Woodworker Bev

sent the Dollmaker this photo..

21 Fun little wooden

Steampunk Owls:











Bev suggested modifying the Idea

 using some old fence boards she had..

So they got to work

designing their own version...

texting photos and sketches back and forth.

The first thing they Modified was

the curve of the chest..

They liked the Horned Owls

but the Dollmaker also voted for Rounded Heads..

Finally toward the end of May they got together in person

with the first two Fence Wood Owl Prototypes...

 which they merrily christened...

the Hornies and the Baldies!



the Dollmaker took those two home to experiment with them

while Bev went back to cutting out more owl bodies from her fence boards..


The beak was the biggest challenge-

what to use for a beak- and how to make it stick to the wood...

At this writing, Roofing Screws are in favor,

but the Dollmaker has started to make her own beaks

out of thick fabrics and cardboards..

Note the two styles of beaks below...


The first two Steampunk Owls.

A Baldy and a Horny!



Meanwhile, the Dollmaker had collected a bunch of costume jewelry

to use for the eyes. They didn't seem to work well on the wood

but she found some heavy black fabric...


and made a few Fabric Versions

dark, mysterious, genderless.. sort-of-Goth!

Charmingly disarmingly not-real-predatory Birds-of-the-Night!


Don't know where this is going but be sure to check the back fence

at the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe in the Fall...








considered Obsession, not Distraction, the whole

Dangly Thing Business

started with the Boat Shells

 Collected and shipped from Long Island, NY!

Thanks to Cousin Laurie!

..the sweet little Boat Shells from the Dollmaker's childhood

were to become

the first "Danglers"..



After that, every small object in house, yard and often far beyond

 became fair game

and many odd trinkets were found to be certifiably 




At last count the Dollmaker had cobbled together

about 200 of them...

Dangly Things on Dolls and Wall Art



and it was a good thing too because

The Dollmaker began to round up any unfinished doll in the vicinity...

...anyone who had an outstretched arm.. (or two...)

and all "Volunteers" were provisionally (some permanently) 



In her enthusiasm... one doll got so loaded

 her Danglification had to be "thinned out"..!


Dangly Things on Wall Art

seem to be staying at an aesthetically reasonable level...

for the moment anyway...


 The Dollmaker is looking forward to future Dangling.






The Paintings of May..



and it feels like...






a LOT of rain this month...


is the Feng Shui Element for 2023.

Perhaps not a random coincidence that this year the Dollmaker is delving into the mysteries of




The Agates of Mexico

Continued to inspire!



Enjoyable painting in both watercolors and oils.






Peaches, Pears, Pumpkins and the giant Mullein..


The Magnificent Mullein!

 continues to Amaze, every day!

At the end of May it's primary Bloom Stalk reaches to almost nine feet!

(There's some friendly wagering on it reaching ten feet!) Ten Feet! Ten Feet! Ten Feet!

And there are now four secondary Bloom Stalks emerging alongside the first one!


Yet another Texas Loco Weed! LOL...




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