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March 2024                                  Issue 205




March 2024 - Dollmaker Still in Deviation Mode...

this time known as: Gardening Mode!

 Stones, Weeds, Dirt, Mulch, Seedlings, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit Trees,

Cuttings, Plantings, Transplantings, Path-forgings, Rock Haulings and Grass Removings

successfully crowded out Dollmaking during the month of March..

 Once again, the Dollmaker was, all the while, simply enjoying herself-

(Following One's Bliss, right?)

by helping to paint

her latest obsession-  the

 onto the Sponsor Trays and Mugs for





Potters, craftspeople
and educators
work with students
to create handcrafted bowls.



Local restaurants provide

amazing and delicious

soups, breads and desserts.



In exchange for a cash donation,
guests are invited to a luncheon of
Soups, Breads and Desserts

seriously there must have been a thousand servings of cake

 and each guest (and participant) gets to keep a really unique one-of-a-kind

Kid-made Bowl!

Sponsors who donate bunches of
money to this good cause

also receive gifts of Artist-designed Bowls, Mugs and Trays.




But aside from the Event itself,

The Dollmaker was having her own Challenges with those

The Bubble Print Idea using the ceramic glazes

did finally work out ok...




So, the Event is over now...

and The Community made a goodly amount of money for their Flagship Charity.

The Dollmaker, for one, was seen to be having a jolly time,

enjoying the Soups, chatting, and making new friends

 with the people at her table...






to the Wee Peeple Newsletter!



2024! THIS ISSUE marks

 the 18th Anniversary

 of the

 Wee Peeple Newsletter

Published every month for the last 18 years!



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 So... What else does Spring Bring?




One notices that the Dollmaker never dresses in Garb for her

yearly visits to Sherwood Forest Faire.

She's been contrary that way all along, really.

"Always a Joy to get together with friends!"

says she, while NOT being a shopkeeper and raising her glass..








March 2024: The Dollmaker can't be reached or refuses to comment on the

Dragon Situation. We do know she has been working on "Claws"...




Dollmaker Hopelessly entrenched in

 "The Return of the Green"

...taking another break to move the rainwater hose around...

She's not even here... She's in..








Wisteria in the Rain!!!


Lilies and Irises!!!


Ubiquitous Wildflowers!!!



This Year all the time zones in the continental U.S.

experienced the first day of Spring on March 19th..




...from an archaic noun meaning "act or time of springing or appearing;

the first appearance; the beginning, birth, rise, or origin"...



and so- the glory of the birth of... New little Peaches!!!



Three Cheers for the Dollmaker's new little Peach Orchard! LOL

(Hey- she's up to six trees now!)









gotta love it...









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