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March  2022                              Issue 181






The Dollmaker gets Rocks Delivered! KNOW how the Dollmaker loves

Shopping for Stones!

Dollmaker goes Wild!

Several Truckloads of various sizes of Stones

were ordered and delivered to the Dollmaker's address this month...



She insists that Rocks are Inspirational:

Rock Critters and Rock Heads Page


...Additionally, this March...

She also had some luck finding a few


~ Sea Urchins are pictured below ~

Fascinating that these hail from the Time of the Dinosaurs...

and were buried in the Earth roughly One hundred million years...



Interestingly, they still pretty closely resemble the Sea Urchins of Today!

the Pencil Urchin





Ode to a Fossilized Bivalve...

Oh Bivalve! You died! But then!

You were discovered... one hundred million years later...

You surfaced!  You were Found, gleaming, in a streambed...

All that time, waiting... never knowing

that one day you would be

plucked out excitedly.. Collected. Cherished!

Then... carved.. fashioned.. into a silly little human face..



 What Destiny awaits?

..when One endeavors to factor in

the whimsical inclinations of a female anthropoid

enjoying her "Time of Evolutionary Flourishing".








Last month... the Dollmaker was grappling with

a strange and UnconTROLLable predilection to

dock ships on the heads of her dolls...



This time....

the Troll Passengers brought their




and some of these Dogs

were strange, indeed...

featuring peculiar colors...

(like- hey, lets use up this blue, green, orange and yellow plastic-

I know- let's make some DOGS!)





oh well... a little paint ... and the Dollmaker went with it...



All Breeds.. (known, approximate, and unknown)

All Inclusive! .. All Aboard...!


No!        Really?         Not Dogs too!??








...ok, things do tend to be somewhat "chaotic" in the Spring..





as March swept through this year

 "like a Lion"



-Progress now stalled-

due to

mane changes...

which are causing a "gender" controversy...





a couple of Baby Owls... just out of the nest

learned real fast how to fly..





If you were a bird, and lived on high,

You'd lean on the wind when the wind came by.

You'd say to the wind when it took you away:

"That's where I wanted to go today!"

-A.A. Milne



Hail to the Collector of Winter Bling..

..who is now feeling more and more like





Growing wild!

 in the uncultivated "Fairy Area" of the Yard..

 the Rare Albino Bluebonnets!





Three of last year's gourds still holding on..

New Rosemary (to replace the ones killed in the Great Freeze)

New Daylilies, Fig leaves, Bluebonnets

Oxalis, wild Violets and Bok Choy:





and of course March usually includes a trip to





Ode to "Consciousness"


"I dream that I love everything about my life.

I dream that each event I have ever experienced or will ever experience

is precious and glorious,

 even the painful interludes.

I dream that I have personal possession

of the universe's most monumental and mysterious accomplishment:



I have a visceral insight about the mercurial flash and shimmer

that ceaselessly whirls around inside my head:

 It's miraculous.

I can think thoughts any time I want toŚ

soaring, luminescent, flamboyant thoughts

 or shriveled, rusty, burrowing thoughts . . .

thoughts that can invent or destroy, corrupt or redeem,

bless or curse.

There's more.

 I can revel and wallow in great flows of feelings.

It's ultimately irrelevant whether they are poignant or intoxicating

or somewhere in between.

 I simply relish the fact that I can harbor so much intensity.


I cherish the privilege of commanding such extravagant life force.

And maybe the best part is being in possession of

a prodigiously potent magical tool:

 an imagination.

 I can use it to change and shape the way my thoughts and feelings unfold.

It potentially gives me the power

 to treat every single one of my experiences

 as a door leading to infinity."



-Rob Bresney








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