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June 2024                                 Issue 208



Behold the Face of





When Young Brodie returned to the Maker Space

with his Dad one Thursday afternoon..

to continue their work on the Mandala..

well.  They DID work on the Mandala...




But then!

Young Brodie discovered

what looked like a small Head!

and then- he found what looked like a little Hat!



and, to his great delight-

the Hat fit perfectly on the Head!


 So, the Dollmaker just asked him if he wanted to keep going...

Well, indeed he did!

turning about and taking off, eager to find a way

to connect that Hat with that Head!

Spontaneity!  jet-fueled by..




...Not too much later- Here he came, just Beaming-

showing off the cool Doll he had just made!



The Creative Experience.

The Dollmaker feels blessed to witness how

that's Exactly the Way it happens.









So how's that Art Installation going?



has been coming together most splendidly..




The Grant writers (Texas Commission on the Arts) specified that

Community Members must be invited to contribute to this Mosaic Creation!

No problem there!

At this writing, 37 people have worked on the Mandala.



This month Community Members completed

the 16 small squares

which will frame the top and the bottom

of the basic Mandala Circle..



and this week the individual panels were glued down

to the plywood backing.




Crushed Bottle Caps look like seedpods...

They were added, along with stars and leaves made of clay,

colorful glass beads, watches, burned tools,

magnets, mirrors, stones, local snail shells,

as well as an assortment of odd objects symbolizing Seasonal Changes

(yellow grasshoppers, purple dragonflies, white snowflakes, copper leaves)





The "Mandala" concept

basic to Art and Infinity and means "Sacred Circle"




 During much of the construction

the Dollmaker was aided by a sturdy chair and got her exercise

visualizing the continuity!! LOL!




The Mandala has yet to be seen- Vertical!


Big Thanks to All the folks who are building the Mandala..

 and another big Thanks to those who are helping behind the scenes...



 is scheduled to be installed on this wall by mid-July...

Stay tuned for that exciting event!



The 4'x4' Mandala will be installed

to the left of the front door at the

Mary Nichols Art Center on Loop 230 and Burleson Street

in Smithville, Texas, in July 2024


as part of the larger Mosaic Project covering most of

the Mary Nichols Art Center.


This Art Installation is called:


In fact, one of the other Artists working on this project

has already seen her "Sunflowers"

 installed on the front two columns of the building..




Creating Public Art in Smithville, Texas









There must be hundreds of sturdy cardboard Pages

in those Vintage Photo Albums...

Turns out they recycle quite well into Fairy Wings!



What?    Really!!!

Their waxy finish adds to their strength..



Soon the Dollmaker will have more time to experiment further...

but so far, she likes the potential here...





watch for more of these








the Pumpkin Tomb..




In front of her shoppe at the Texas Renaissance Festival last year

Remember how the Dollmaker achieved notoriety when she

won second place in the

Pumpkin Carving Contest?



Well, this year, she gets to redeem the prize

which was:

A Quarter-Page Ad

in the Texas Renaissance Festival Program.



Full Color Glossies!

So she has been working on possible Designs for her Ad.



Problem is: She doesn't want to leave anyone out!




so... especially since this is the 50th Anniversary Season at TRF will be buying a bunch of programs this year....








And with another small nod to the Idea of Dragons...

the Dollmaker bids you adieu..






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 Enjoy the Universe!



Follow your Bliss!



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