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June 2023                                Issue 196



June... Time to order Dollmaking Supplies...



a Jolly Task!

Usually starting with (what used to be) the smallest dolls...

 the Clothespin Angels... no big deal, right?


Well, this year the Angel Wings had to be ordered from a different company

and they turned out to be exceedingly


oh no!

Oh yes.

The new Angel Wings were too frail to use on the Clothespin Dolls.
And there were a lot of new wings.



The Dolls were not amused.



...but the Dollmaker was undaunted.

She figured they could be used on a (very) Mini-sized doll

if the Wings were reinforced...



 leading "naturally" to what our Droll Darwinian Dollmaker likes to refer to as the

"Origin of Species"...




 The main attribute of this "new species", besides the Frail Wings, being


(Metallic, and Poly-chain, and Holographic, oh my!)

At the moment the Mini-Angels are made to be


but they COULD be Pins or Hair Clips or it was even suggested

that smaller ones could have magnet backs.

So- any (or none) of that could happen...





All that said, although the majority of the New Wings were unsuitable

for Clothespin Dolls,



there is ONE New GROUP of Wings that has potential...

This group:



These very cool Iridescent Wings have Strength!

Only One Mini-Angel has been made So far using them:



but these wings have a Destiny!



Meanwhile, experimental Resin Wings are also

"in the wings"...





Last month the Dollmaker had just begun

to obsess upon


 This month cousin Laurie sent more Boat Shells

and the Dollmaker

found a multitude of cool beads to string along with them...



She also discovered that she could punch a small hole

through the Boat Shells to hang them neatly from their bottom edge.



So.. anyone who came to visit the Dollmaker during the month of June

departed with a Dangly Thing or two,

(whether they had any idea of what to do with them or not!)



Of course the Dolls did crowd in and acquired quite a few for themselves..



particularly these Ladies...

The Green Witches of Summer!



Garden Witches trade magical beaded headwear for hats...

(at least until October...)



The Peach Harvest was amazing this year.

The Magnificent Mullein

continued to grow up into the treetops...

 The Stargazer Lilies (in their second year)

bloomed furiously


and John R. arrived at the Dollmaker's place

with a huge Sago Palm in his car, which he proceeded to plant

where it will have lots of room to grow..



so... even though the Dollmaker really didn't do much gardening this season

There was quite a lot of activity out there!!





 An early visit to the Doll Shoppe during the "off season"


That Pear Tree out front is once again attacking the Shoppe!

Pictures were taken and a work order submitted to cut those trees back!







Sporting New Beaks!

The Search for the Perfect Beak for these guys is over!


The Dollmaker had never heard of

"Pocket Hole Plugs"

but they are, indeed, a Thing.

Bev knew about them, they are used in fine carpentry to plug up

angular screw holes.



Whatever their main function, they work splendidly as

Steampunk Owl Beaks!

So, More Owls, featuring recycled circular objects, and perfect beaks

are on the way!








And! After a year of searching the used car market for a reliable car

the Dollmaker finally found one! a 2014 Honda CRV!

She is feeling much better about taking those long trips to

the Texas Renaissance Festival in the fall.

She has named her new car

The Plum!



She will see you down the road!




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