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June 2022                              Issue 184





When Stones Stand on Pedestals...

the natural holes and intricate work in each Stone

 can be showcased, studied and admired from many angles..




Here is one rock, viewed from many angles...


Carved by Elemental Forces

as intriguing as if

they were painstakingly carved for exhibition

by a human artist..



 The Dollmaker is releasing, gathering, moving her precious rocks around.

It's a Rock Review!

Her dear sacred rocks

are being Elevated to "Standing Stone" Status!











 ah yes..



 In the World of the Dollmaker...

the Noise Pollution from the new Industrial Neighbors continues...




What was formerly regarded as "sacred space"...

has been thoroughly desecrated...




 therefore one must


















"Whenever Life gets you down

Mrs. Brown..

And Things seem Hard or Tough

And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft

And you feel like you've had

quite enough....."







..So.. remember when you're feeling very small and insecure..

How amazingly unlikely is your birth...

And pray that there's Intelligent Life

somewhere up in space

Cause there's Bugger-all down here on Earth!




 the Dollmaker senses

mountainous Changes..

...a chalk drawing...

a mountain full of holes..

yet, with a tenacious structure - like a mangrove forest...

the skeleton of a dream still forming...






"The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.

The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.

The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you!"


-Esther, Abraham and Jerry





Well, Alrighty Then!


The Adventure begins with a good attitude..



...ah yes..


How about some 


This was a good plan.


oh right. but wait...

besides having her own reasons for


Feelings of Solidarity sparked by the latest edition of

"Embroiling the Mass Consciousness"

naturally began to influence her work..



 an Influence which showed up as



Angry (oh dear- let's call them -Discerning-) Owls..


Discerning Owls

Here to remind us that this is the

 Age of Accountability.

but meanwhile the Dollmaker's Priority Numero Uno is:




The Teaching is:

 In the face of Adversity

Restore a Joyful Resonance by

- Reaching for Better Feeling Thoughts -


...seems legit..., the Dollmaker did step up,

and on the Scale of Horrible to Excellent Thoughts

she got as far as


"Sheer Absurdity"..





This June

A Spell-caster Woodland Sprite

conjures for RAIN

but Purple Roses sprout instead...   Really?

...a well-meaning, sweet, friendly ..Nit-Wit..

oops! Spell Gone Wrong Alert!


"...and pray that there's Intelligent Life..."


Woodland Sprite Anticipating Raindrops

also known as: Woodland Sprite who has no clue.


(might could apply for a government job...)







There is Toonview.

( named as a mockery of moronic subdivision titles, and

because of it's location in a Cartoon Town (Toontown)

with no View whatsoever.)



Ok, the Dollmaker admittedly has had an attitude of

"Nonchalance bordering on Negligence" regarding her

 little "Shack House"...

She calls staying there "Glorified Camping",

 convenient only because of it's location

adjacent to the grounds of the

 8-week Texas Renaissance Festival.


The property has electricity, but no

Water or Septic.



 in the interest of "Feeling Good"

These Issues are now being Addressed..


First the Jungle had to be cleared

 and the Septic Tank FOUND!

Something was found,

It wasn't the Septic Tank!

But it was Something! LOL



After that...

during this month of 100 degree days

Two Septic Tanks have now been found!

The Water Lines have been FOUND!

A blessed Site Map has finally been FOUND!


and the Dollmaker is starting to get back to



It just may be possible

for her to live on that property after all.

At least for a while.

It might not be too bad... if

she can take her beloved Studio with her!



...of course, to move it, the building would have to be completely empty...

ha haha

...that might take a while...




 anyway, the Good News is

The Dollmaker now has a PLAN!

That Derksen Building was moved once- it can be moved again!!!



So... the Journey of 108 miles starts with

a thorough Cleansing... and a fond farewell to the Clutter!

She has already loaded her car up several times!



It's exciting to Downsize!


When all of the visible and invisible Clutter vanishes,

What is left are just the really precious things.



And the Adventures have just begun!

Who knows what can be accomplished when one is




 Happy Summer Solstice!!!

and 4th of July!!!







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