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  June 2020       Issue 160  




As the Summer Solstice comes round again...

 So the Dollmaker has come Full Circle...







Strolling on back to wherever it was she started,

but now in the company of Tigers...



2020 has been called:

the year of "radical adaptability"...



oh yeah RAD, for sure


But now, the Prodigal Dollmaker, veering sideways


from Tiger Masks to...







What if your spirit animal is

a Tiger?


The Tiger Spirit Animal

 is about

 "Owning It".



Making it happen.


The Tiger Totem


 a powerful, potent,

and marvelous being.







Who can "Run with the Tigers"...?



 Well, the ancient Chinese Feng Shui experts regarded the

White Tiger

as worthy of representing the

entire Cardinal Direction of

The West.



"The White Tiger of the West

 is called Bái Hǔ in China,

 representing the Metal Element, Autumn,

 and the virtue Righteousness.

 Tiger was considered to be the king of all beasts

 and lord of the mountains in China,

and the tiger-jade ornament

was specially reserved

for commanders of armies."






  • Representing the Four Cardinal Directions:


  • White Tiger of the West (白虎): Metal
  • Black Tortoise of the North (玄武): Water
  • Azure Dragon of the East (青龍): Wood
  • Vermilion Bird of the South (朱雀): Fire
  • Additionally,
  • there is a fifth legendary beast,
  • Huáng-lóng (黃龍),
  • or the Yellow Snake of the Center.
  • and its element is Earth.




The Dollmaker has made Lions, Wolves, Foxes, Dragons, Owls, a few Rabbits,

and now, finally-


It is most likely that the Texas Renaissance Festival will open this year

on the first weekend of October

and, if so, the Tiger Animal Totems will certainly be there.


Meanwhile, contact the Dollmaker

 for special orders.




Speaking of TRF, The mossy old Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe is

getting a new roof this year!



The Wee Roofing Project kept getting delayed

month after month- since February-

-due to Spring Rains that just would not let up-!


Finally Rob Johns, Master Builder,

 found one week in June when they could work...


Alas, Smiling Rain was not finished vexing Rob Johns!

The roof is sealed, but now the project is on hold again.

whenever it finally does happen

it's going to be a Truly Fabulous Roof- unprecedented!

The shingles the Dollmaker is using will look exactly like wood

but they will NOT BE wood.



Stay tuned for more on that soon...












"Something unknown is doing we don't know what..."


said astrophysicist Arthur Eddington about the Universe








June: more of the same rampant hot mess

While the Corona Virus rages and subsides,

rages and subsides

like the Tide in a Sea of Doom

pounding, distorting, and shaping 

the vulnerable opinions and fragile emotions

of Homo Sapiens (Latin for "Wise Man")(ha! good one!)

into twisted formations...




Day after day
Alone on a hill
The man with the foolish grin

 is keeping perfectly still.


-The Beatles



...the eyes in the Dollmaker's head

see her own little World spinning 'round...


She says She's Fine!

Why? She loves being an Amphibian Mob Member!

Now she's "Godmother" to a gang of half-wild Toads

who live in her plants...

she says they know her- they've known her for years- the same ones

and she knows them too- by their Gang Names...

so she saves caterpillars in jars til the Toads come out in the evening...


She says they are interesting eaters.





So... as the Dollmaker's
 "Art Mask Phase"
drifts upon the irresolute Tides of Pandemic Protocol...
only a few more Masks got made this month...
One Glam...


..and one Guy Fawkes Mask...


(which is, in the Dollmaker's humble opinion,

one of the best looking masks them of all..)

(a Dashing Look for Fireworks Master, Mark Miller)






The Dollmaker is learning how to ZOOM this month
so that she can teach a Virtual Class this Summer...
...Coming up in July...
"Painting {Tiger Heads} on Rocks!"




The latest technological challenge.. lol

...the Dollmaker thinks she saw


at the 1963 World's Fair in

Bell Telephone's

 "Futuristic Exhibit"...







"In the garden more grows than the gardener sows."


 -Old Spanish proverb



..the Dollmaker has had no problem with


being cast as the Leading Role in her own
captivating Survivor-style Reality Program called:



On Stage for the Run of the Summer at



Vegetable and Flower Performances Daily...

some even Hourly...

Produced by: Soil, Rain, and Hot Sun!

On Location in: The Yard


Shrewd Grasshoppers, Persistent Snails, Voracious Caterpillars

Cardinal Parents, Delicate Butterflies,

Stray Cats and Enemy Ants!


After-Hours Entertainment:

(sit back with a cocktail and enjoy...)

Special Nightly Appearances by the gang: "Beware of Toad"

and their Astonishing Prey: Erratic Aerial Performances by

 directionally-challenged Kamikazi June bugs!


And on Daytime Programming:

Share the Trials and Tribulations of Olivia...

Will Olivia, the Olive Tree, grow here...? In this Zone? In this spot?


What about Crusty, the Shrimp Plant? Is this enough shade? Too much? Just right?


Will the little fig cuttings grow roots and leaves in the humid environment of a

recycled plastic orange juice container?





And really: Are these plants more Dr. Seuss or Tim Burton?
New Arbors, giant Armenian Cucumbers, lots of tomatoes,
peppers, Crape Myrtles,
and a plant the Dollmaker has always wanted:
The Pride of Barbados! She hopes it will bloom This Summer! 

The whole month has just been one big panoramic Outdoor Dinner Theater!

On with the Show...





“...whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious,

if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

 And peace will be with you.”

-Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior






A fun day at Granger Dam with J-rod!



“Maybe life doesn't get any better than this, or any worse,

 and what we get is just what we're willing to find..”

-Barbara Kingsolver,
Small Wonder





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      There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.

That will be the beginning.

-Louis L'Amour     





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