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July 2020                                   Issue 161



On July 22nd the Dollmaker taught enthusiastic approach to...

What could be more improbable! And Visionary!

Pandemic Summer Camp! What a Concept! 

Right!  Stay Home and Learn Cool Stuff!

Kids can Draw and Paint without leaving the couch or floor of their Living Room!

 (..and so simplified that even meandering adults can grab rocks and join in!)



Brought to you from the Floors, Couches and Coffee Tables of Local Residences...

 Kids Painting on Rocks!

Kid Art just sends the Dollmaker over the Rainbow!

(she is still working on acquiring a copy of the video!)



Pandemic Arts and Crafts!

 So How Does a Virtual Summer Camp Work?



Finding the Rocks:
hanks goes out to Cydnee White
for granting the Dollmaker Entrance to her Enchanted Forest

and access to her Enchanted Driveway
brimming with...

Smooth Oval-shaped Rocks!!!

Like a creature of the forest

silhouetted in sparkling shafts of morning sunlight-

through the Trees the Dollmaker could be seen

quietly gathering Smooth Rocks...


These hand-picked Rocks were then


to the Smithville Library

and, from there,
Distributed to the kids taking the class

(along with drawing and painting supplies)



Learning to Zoom!

Now then...

For this Class the Dollmaker

bought a Tablet with a built-in camera,

loaded the Zoom App onto it

and practiced Zooming for a few weeks

 with her friends...

the "Teaching Tool" of the Future!

oh heck- it's the Teaching Tool of

the Present!!!






The "Modern-Pandemic" way to do Summer Camp!

(who woulda thunk it!)





While Smooth oval-shaped rocks were needed for the Tiger Heads...



they also worked for

 Crackin' Dragon Eggs



...and Rock Tortoises...

and on and on down that path...






You may have heard of the Tiger King...

Well, now there's the Tiger Wizard!


2020 is the Dollmaker's Year of the Tiger



 ...but that guy wasn't the only July Wizard...




 have been popular this month...



















So, what is the Dollmaker going to do about

"Management" still plans to open the Faire to "Half Capacity"

on October 3rd


 they are giving Vendors the options

 of renting out their shoppes

or- being there.


IF the Faire Opens

1. The Dollmaker wants her Dolls to be there...

2. She wants to keep an eye on her shoppe

3. And she wants to be able to come and go...

which all means-

She needs a Participant's Pass...

so... if TRF Opens... (heaven help us)

...the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe will be Open too...


It's at


So this is how she is going to do it:

 She will be there Part-time.

Yes, the Dollmaker is actually quite pleased to announce that

for the 2020 Season

She will be partnering with good friend and excellent human being:

Michael Hritz

and Featuring his Fairy Houses and Gnome Portals

alongside the Wee Peeple Dolls in the

It's a Good Match!

So, the Dollmaker will be there on

Saturdays Only!


And Michael will be there on Sundays.



That's the PLAN, man.



Therefore -IF TRF OPENS- it will still be

...and by Golly... (hopefully by that time) with a New Roof!


Michael (already a hoot to work with) and the Dollmaker

plan to post Catchy Signage

all around The Shoppe:



If in you wander,

Our treasures to ponder,

We kindly ask,

That you don thy mask!


Michael G. Hritz

WolfLodge Enterprises









now then

...toward the end of Jolly July...

The Dollmaker acquired a new Garden Bench,

that she might SIT (with Pandemic Za-Zen fortitude) and

lovingly gaze upon her happy little Shrimp Plant

In the Shade...

...and good old John came to help move the beast into place!



Thanks, John!



Last month this Studio Space was being used for 

Doll Photography..



but while John was visiting...

the Space was rearranged again...

so that the Dollmaker could Work on her Painting...

While J-Rod played his guitar...

...good atmosphere!



 oh yes, the Dollmaker worked on her "Never-ending Painting"...

..yet another painting which was started years ago- this one in 2007...

the "ending date"

just keeps getting painted over every year...





What lies behind us

and what lies before us

are tiny matters compared to

 what lies within us.


-Ralph Waldo Emerson





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for Kate! Get Well Soon!

Follow your Bliss



October and November


(Lord have Mercy!) at the

This year starring

Michael Hritz

as the Dollmaker's Business Partner!

and Featuring his Fairy Houses

situated alongside the Wee Peeple Dolls!


Due to the

The Dollmaker will be there on

Saturdays Only!

-*~  IF TRF OPENS  ~*-



with a New Roof!

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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."


-Thomas Szasz


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