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July 2016                                                         Issue  113




That Human Influence



Bonnie's Doll Mansion

Elgin, Texas


The pendulum this month swings from No Dolls Doll Overload!

We are talking about THOUSANDS of Dolls here!

ha ha maybe millions!


...check out the Shirley Temple Dolls in the front row... circa 1934

Oh my! And just look at what is behind the closed door of this Upstairs Bedroom:


 Incredible! Dolls populate every room of Bonnie's beautiful Victorian Home- frankly, only a few rooms are shown here...


 In the 1920's, Boudoir Dolls

sometimes accompanied actresses and showgirls to gala events...

 but most often were to be found lounging around in bedrooms on stacks of pillows...



the Dollmaker easily slides right into this Picture...

Dolls which provoke the Creating of Worlds... they Could BeTravelers- It's the 1920's

 and they are waiting and smoking and sitting on the bench at the station...

These are Ladies who wait for busses and trains... they wait for doctors and job interviews...

 cramped and nervous yet pert and determined... aware of their own qualifications...

copies of the Women who owned them...


Boudoir Dolls were exotic in that they were intended for use as decoration-

and (unlike baby dolls) were not necessarily meant to be played with...






Bonnie's collection is so vast it might have to be covered in more than one issue!

To the Doll Mansion the Dollmaker must certainly Return!!!









A Black Cat and Broomstick Day

in the kitchen of Bonnie's Doll Mansion!


Twisting and Shaping Black Bump Chenille into Halloween Cats...

 Binding raffia, broom straw, odd gnarly sticks, shrieking laughter and mad mutterings

for Witch-quality Broomsticks....

(each Broom rigidly inspected by Samantha: a Bona fide Black Cat)


...the Dollmaker's Fall Witches

shall be well and properly accessorized.















(a spray-on polyurethane coating sort of like a liquid rubber)

works on

plastic, glass, stone, gourd, metal, rusty metal,

Magic Sculpt modeling compound, shells, ceramics, wood, barnacles and plastic..








From time to time, like most people,

the Dollmaker feels compelled to 'branch out' a bit...

forthwith to boldly cross the borderlands to a realm

  less 'Realistic' and more


blissfully free of the constraints of contrived realism


(like "Warrior with Nail-Belt" here...)




...and the theatrical ...Knave with Bird Mask...


Getting ready...

(TRF is coming.)

Doll Constructions are emerging in great profusion! 

 hmmm... BUT...

Are These really Dolls?

Constructions, yes.     Dolls?   Not so much...





ok, then... Just What SHOULD the Dollmaker call her Art Form?


Anthropomorphic  Creations?


an·thro·po·mor·phic... meaning- having Human characteristics-



Like the Back-up Singer.... and ...The Singer

"Their songs really pack a punch!" -Cydnee White



In this stand-alone Assemblage one can discern the Human Influence.


Sticks and Scraps

...unfettered and under

Human Influence...


she's a Head of her Time!



(groan...couldn't resist)




A Fool of the World...

Nowhere is Everywhere.




the armored FEY have something to say


 do not consider themselves Human...


Nevertheless, the Dollmaker consistently Personifies Nature:

Humanizing rocks, sticks, fabric, gourds, ping pong balls etc...

so Human Characteristics do "pop up" from time to time...



...inevitably, though, it has been the Dollmaker's experience that

Human Characteristics can and do morph-

 detouring quite suddenly into Semi-Human Characteristics...

and, frankly, finally, more and more often-

stretching on down into- Not-so-Human.


at this point, deviation from "Human Characteristics"

and even "Dolls"...

is complete.







Owl Characteristics have been known to

exert mighty strong Influences...





and Cats shall dominate. (so, there's that.)




but at least the

Are really Dolls

with good old-fashioned Human Characteristics...


Modern Peasants find Artful Solutions using sticks and scraps...

and the Pocket Peasants...



One Doll.

so- in the end- this Greenman Wee Man has the dubious distinction of being

the only actual recognizable Doll made all month...

 and even he harrumphs at being called a Doll!






Breaking News from the Wee Peeple Renaissance Festival Garden!

-a Mountainous Makeover-


Remember the days when you could SEE the Wee Doll Mountains?


yes, the Doll Mountains got a serious haircut... long overdue...

Thank you John!

The old pond was overgrown and all but invisible

to everyone except mosquitoes looking for a breeding hole...

It had a crack in it and lots of nasty old muck.

The Dollmaker promptly decided to fill in that Pond,

open up the surrounding fence in two places and make a

sweet little Garden Pathway

winding through the Wee Doll Mountains!


The Dolls will sparkle and shine, posing happily upon their stone pedestals once again

enjoying Mountain Vistas and beckoning to all Visitors

who will actually be able to Reach the Dolls on display!

(previously it was the Dollmaker's job to leap over the fence to retrieve Dolls situated in the Mountains)











The Century Plant's Grand Blooming

 is nearing it's end...



The lowest branches bloomed first, and then died first

now the topmost blooms are wilting too

and the stem is brown instead of green...

What a blessing this has been

to observe this regal Giant throughout her entire Bloom-time

which, so far, has been three months now!








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