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January 2024                                  Issue 203




 artwork by Pria









 So... to represent the Wood Element on her Northwest Wall in 2024,

the Dollmaker has chosen to paint, for herself, a picture of the



a fabulously popular Subject- the TREE-

On-Planet long before Humans arrived..

the subject of Art, Literature, contemplation... firewood..


But what does the Tree of Life MEAN?



is a holy symbol

...a gnarly route to Understanding...

a "Common Ground" in many of the world's

mythological, religious, and philosophical traditions.

Because it is basically

the Sacred Tree.



So it goes by many names in many languages:

the World Tree

 Cosmic Tree, Miracle Tree or Divine Tree

the Tree of Immortality, The Tree of Knowledge..


ancient Celtic symbol of balance, harmony and rebirth.

Right! Rebirth: The Big one! The yearly Return of the Green!

so, the


is a well-known sacred Cyclical Provider!


A Living Connection

between heaven and the underworld..

between the Light of Air and the Darkness of Earth..



In fact, the branches and roots in Tree of Life Artwork

are often depicted in the manner of

"As Above, So Below"


The Trunk of the Sacred Tree

is very clearly the twisting Intermediary between the

Roots and Branches.

A lot of Symbolism there!

So, the Dollmaker is on course now

to come up with a

for her own wall..

but who knows where this will lead...





 Tree of Life Illustrations from Pinterest

Many Artists have been inspired by this subject!




Onwards through the Month of



The term for a group of rascally Raccoons is - a Gaze -

So Francine named her little fellow

The Watcher Raccoon.

She created a special staff for him to hold,

using a magnifying glass

and sent it to the Dollmaker. He loves it!












That lightweight architectural sculpting medium

which the Dollmaker experimented with 8 years ago...



well now, Skratch is back in the Dollmaker's Workshop...





Yes, the Dollmaker decided to start using Skratch again!



And since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon...

the Dollmaker thought she'd give Dragons (and Skratch) another whirl...










As we know.. as soon as the shows and holidays were over..

The Dollmaker immediately predictably reverted right back to

her favorite alternate reality...

Besides the Tree of Life Paintings..

she says it's time to put Figures into those landscapes...




and so we move forward into another new year...

Stepping up to meet the Challenges and seeing them

melt into Blessings!


Carry On!



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