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January  2023                                  Issue 191










The Larimar Castles




A precious Stone. A Stone of the Sea and Sky..

Light and Water. Mysterious.Translucent.

Cleansing, calming, restorative..

Healing for the Throat and Communication..



The Dollmaker's "Stone of the Year".

Mined in only one place in the world- the Dominican Republic.

so now the Dollmaker wants to go there... lol..

But meanwhile she sent away for this



 but it was so tiny it was hard to see the intricate patterning in the stone...


she tried painting an enlargement

of the other-worldly designs... hmmm.




it was good practice...

for soon her Mountain Paintings would become more

"Larimar" in character...


lol - eventually she just referred to the

 Overriding White-Streaking-Blue Shape-shifting Transformation

using the Verb form: " Larimar.."

( ie: She Larimared the mountains with great gusto...)

Thusly the Dollmaker happily Deviated from Dollmaking

 pretty much all month long

slathering oil paints on whatever surfaces became available...



It really all started with

The auspicious "Three Mountains" Theme for 2023..

(Mountain paintings are placed in areas used for

artistic and scholarly pursuits.)



Larimar brings Water and Air Qualities

to the Earthy Mountains..

(upward-pointing triangular shapes

represent the Fire Element as well)

but Water Dominates- it being the Element for 2023..





Magical mysterious Larimar!

inspiring the transformation

of Mountains into Castles!






More Painting! More Fun!

An Invitation to a Painting Party!


More Painting! More Fun!



The Dollmaker has wanted to help paint the bowls for years!

This is the first time she noticed the invitation

 sent out to the Art Community

by the Lost Pines Artisan's Alliance

to come and help Glaze hundreds of "Empty Bowls" for

Even though the Event features mostly

 Kid-Made Bowls...


Larger BOWLS and Platters

are painted by local Artists, Adults

and Volunteers...



Helping to design these Larger Bowls

benefits the Empty Bowl Project

because the bigger bowls are entered into

the Silent Auction

and sold to Patrons of Bowl Art

for $100-250 each!!!


 (uh... no pressure..!)




In preparation for the Bowl Painting Party

the Dollmaker practiced designs for circular spaces..



...never having intentionally glazed a bowl in her life, she also

looked it up on You Tube...

Glazing Pottery is not exactly like Painting...

(for one thing it is necessary to apply several layers of Glaze to get true colors!)

and "Blending" colors was discouraged in the videos...

So of course the first thing she did was blend colors.

She is hopeful that the colors will work together after Firing...









Inspired by all this Painting going on,

the Dollmaker began to refer back to a Line of Dolls she created years ago...



These new ones are quite free-flowing-

the focus on: "Streaming".


Also the Dollmaker is experimenting with

the idea of

 building a character

using a fabric with a pre-existing design...



the characters onto the Fabrics.

Where will it lead this time...?



A strange new doll style is emerging...

The Joyful Jewel-Girls!

Constructed on a simple wooden armature,

in Celebratory Positions, using Recycled Jewelry.. Huzzah!

Who knows where this is going- the Dollmaker has a LOT of

Recycled Jewelry!!!








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