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January 2017                              Issue 119














This (doozy of a) January,

the Dollmaker was distracted by World History.

Chuckling, she muses that in this case, perhaps it's more accurate to say





What took place was an unprecedented

 Worldwide Herstorical Event...



"...approximately 4.5 million people participated globally in historic Women's Marches held in 914 cities in over 60 countries...


January 21, 2017...


 Millions of rebel KNITTERS rose up




4 million strong, seriously impacting worldwide supplies of





 in order to participate in

the Infamous Indigenous International Inconceivable





a kitten-hatted Group Think Tank



So... anything can happen

in the "Life and Times of the Artist"...

staggeringly inexplicable, exceedingly irresistible,

the scathingly disreputable entangling immensity of

Current Events

all becomes

 "Grist for the Mill"...





 the Dollmaker, following along the cutting edge- (so to speak)



 -never before having been provoked to incline toward

 "Doll Activism", per say...


...has, this month, begun to wonder...
















 The Dollmaker is, regrettably,  not a Knitter...

but she has her own way of "getting involved"

So she's been taking Special Orders for these Dolls.


If you want one... email the Dollmaker...

(contact information below)


She needs to know three things:


1. The size Doll you want.

2. The colors: "Suffragette" (green/purple/gold), "Pink", or "Rainbow"

3. And the slogan for your sign.


Here are the sizes:




Meanwhile, the Dollmaker will be taking

 to the annual Woman's Conference

February 10th-11th

at the Magnolia Hotel - in Dallas this year

6070 North Central Expressway


(for people who live in the Dallas area)

Feel free to show up at the hotel and find the Dollmaker in the Vendor area

(This year's Conference should be a doozy! LOL)















January is also the month when all the

Special Orders

that didn't get made for Christmas finally get done...







Also this month, a celebration...


29 years old!

Darling Daughter Shannon

...modeling a luxurious pink Unicorn Hoodie made by her roommate, Steph...







Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts

Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts

Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me...

Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.


-Shel Silverstein

author of children's books






Now then...

The Dollmaker actually started another painting...

before all hell broke loose

a Painting which simply rose right out of the grain in the wood...






the "Red Rocks Painting" continues to niggle...

This photograph was taken in January of 2011...

(the year the Dollmaker's house burned down- this was her living room)

(she wasn't able to save the house but she did rescue the painting...)

and now, six years have gone by and she is still working on this painting...

she actually thought she was finally finished... (see picture on the left)

Until she realized that the sandstone cliffs really have more white in them...

so... there she went again... will this painting ever be finished?


This photograph shows a tantalizing outcropping-

hulking white sandstone cliffs tinged with red oxide.

 Red Rock Canyon State Park, California





This month the subject of

"Perfectly Round Stone Balls"

came up again...


The Dollmaker's obsession with perfectly round stone balls

started when she found this one here in Bastrop County, Texas

(it, too, burned in the fire, but it was the size of a croquet ball)

Other stone spheres found in that same creek bed were "almost round"

She just couldn't get over it. Was it man-made? Did Nature do this?

She had to know more!   Ok, Google!

What she found only magnified the mystery:

Deep in the jungles of Costa Rica, huge Stone Balls have been unearthed...

Some of which are as big as a person:

WHO or WHAT did this?                Nobody knows!


"In the 1930's, the United Fruit Company

was excavating the fertile, yet remote, farmlands of Costa Rica,

 near the Diquis Valley on the Pacific Ocean coast.

United Fruit is the major importer of bananas

and they became interested in this region of Costa Rica

because of a blight that had killed many banana trees on the Caribbean coast.

As workers dug and prepared the land for cultivation,

 they discovered many large stone spheres buried in the tropical soil."

read more about them:


More research revealed that enormous stone balls were also unearthed in Bosnia!



So, this month, the subject came up again,

and the Dollmaker began to sorely miss her perfectly round stone ball.

The local Rock Shop personnel seemed disinterested in the whole subject... but suddenly

it occurred to her that she might find one online...

and sure enough...



Evidently, along the rugged coastline of Oregon,

Stone Balls sometimes wash up on the beaches.

How about that!  A few people do go out and collect them,

and wonder of wonders! There they were on Ebay!

The Dollmaker contacted a seller and has acquired a dozen of them!

They are made of a different kind of rock than her original Stone Ball,

but they are most assuredly spherical!

The largest one the seller found on the beach was about the size of a beach ball.



 The Dollmaker and her friends will keep looking around for another 

Perfectly Round Stone Ball... in the vicinity of Bastrop County...

She knows there are more out there!!!  

 ...the local rock...





The Dollmaker picked her Tarot Card Affirmation for 2017:







The Bottle Hunt




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