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Looking back on decades of

the Dollmaker's Assemblages made from

















In the year after the fire

the Dollmaker

 "found" a lot of "objects"...


a bunch of burned






scorched metal objects

mementos from the apocalypse chapter of her-story...


No longer strictly ...functional...

yet asserting their characteristic shapes...

Oxidized and Flaked, naked and mocking husks

stubbornly representing a bygone purpose

mere shells, standing firm..

still recognizable.. as shades...

soldiering on...


possibly destined to be salvaged as

"art materials"..





Found Objects...

always so useful

in creating

Steampunk characters...













"A writer must think that

 whatever happens to him or her is

 a resource."

 "All that happens to us, including our misfortunes...

all is given to us as raw material, as clay,

so that we may shape our art."


...said author Jorge Luis Borges.












"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction".

-Pablo Picasso






















the first Doll of the Year...

 a figure with the head of a burned-doorknob... sigh.




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