February  2022                               Issue 180






 with these



...Is the Dollmaker back to



right ho...

Inspired by a curious James Christensen illustration entitled:

 "The Burden of the Responsible Man"


... a picture which is delightfully executed and fraught with meaning...

(This man is seriously overburdened.)




But the Dollmaker was mostly just magnetized by the idea of

that ship on his head... What a concept... these


 Ship-building- it's a thing with her...

Last time  ..the Dolls were inside the ships...


(Building Doll Airships Page)


this time the Dolls are actually sort of.. wearing the ships...


Manned Ships docked on Heads must never be too heavy... 

therefore Passengers (or "crews" if you will) had to be lightweight...

( mental capacity - non-applicable... featherbrains ok.)


when... synchronistically,

she happened to stumble across an

 advertisement for

" flawed Trolls "

(she Loved that! FLAWED!)



(purchased in bulk on Ebay...)



Ships manned with Trolls were obviously then-

otherwise known as... Party Boats!


Trolls! Right! Who else would be so

charmingly dunderheaded, relentlessly Upstanding, ceaselessly grinning

and so confidently Willing to Travel as Emissaries on

"Ships of Fools"

through "Uncharted Skies"

on vessels made of re-purposed cardboard...




...which, more often than not,

end up grounded on somebody's head!




Imagine the perplexity and -chagrin- of

the individuals whose heads suddenly began to serve as

"Ports of Call"...

The strangeness of being referred to as

a "Host"..



What to do when Trolls dock on your head:

Mostly, a ship will be transporting a load of "Passengers"...

site-seers, tourists, wayfaring strangers.. troll-on-the-street types...

every one of them smiling disarmingly..

but "Trolling Trolls"  will sometimes cast out a net.. you see..

and, unable to stop themselves, keep Everything in it..

...flotsam, jetsam... most distressingly, rocks!

 Some "Hostesses" are not amused.






...when trolls arrive...

What is a Doll to do?

One can remember that Trolls are easily coerced

 into standing perfectly still for a Photo-Shoot..

In the case shared here,

the Doll happened to be an acclaimed

and somewhat wily

Fashion Designer...

who ended up strategically incorporating


 into her own Avante Garde Collection of Headwear..

and by cleverly adding outlandish tassels

to (what one critic called)  the "already offensive vessels"!

instantly hit the mark for Shock Value

 and theatrical Overindulgence..


So her advice is: "OWN IT, Baby!"



 Point a camera and every Troll will

drop the fish and stand perfectly still!

So she just took charge- of that barge!

Six Trolls and a Castaway Dog..

added to her catalogue...


"Ah! so delightfully droll is a Photogenic Troll..."


"..a Boat with more Tassels is a Boat with less Hassles.."


"Think of a Boat as you would- a Lampshade.."



-oft-repeated "catch phrases" by Zennette Zenboggin, Divisive Designer of Renown






"The thing about Inspiration is:

It takes your mind off of everything else!"


-Vikram Seth




"Haunted Swamp Boat"



Dollmaker's Note:


For those who are quite understandably careful around

rowdy crowds of naked, flawed, photogenically upright

unnervingly eternally smiling Trolls

 blithely sailing vessels with no one at the helm

and often in possession of nets of rocks...


 Other, sometimes more benign,


 include these wonderful tiny, fully-dressed plastic

    "Gaming Characters"...



   The absolute right size to be "passengers"...



..and even as "monochromatic" (gray) figures, they have character...

-but even more jolly than that- they have Roles!


The Dollmaker ordered all "Townspeople" but the Seller sent a few extra figures

And some of those were "Aggressors".

Impacted this week by a certain country that's "gone rogue", the Dollmaker

used those "Aggressor Figures" to man this boat:


 entitling it:

The Folly of Aggression


The robe of the Doll is studded with gemstones to indicate

the Wealth of the Earth.


yes, every once in a while the Dollmaker

 will comment on World Events...


But more often, the Dollmaker prefers the feel of a single Traveler....




..paired with an "Old Salt" Host who has done a bit of traveling, himself...



...and- though "flawed" - the Trolls do possess a certain

 "Joy of Color"

...if somewhat limited in "depth of character"...


And for the moment

they bask in Relevance, as "Passengers"

while the Dollmaker experiments with

more and more bizarre ship designs...


Remember those old Fish Assemblages the Dollmaker used to make...?

Those are also beginning to take on a new Relevance.....

as "Fish Who Circle The Boat."




In winter,

the Dollmaker chooses a focus.

An improvement in some area of Doll Construction..

This February

  Hands will hold objects more effectively...





Other than that, the Dollmaker  is pretty much Hibernating.




Enjoy the end of February's blustery fling-

The buds on the trees say it's almost Spring....





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