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February 2021                          Issue 168







February 2021

a fortuitous moment in Time when unnerved but undaunted Texans

unwillingly underwent an unusual, unprecedented and

"Unplanned.. Hibernation"


right. Most humans had gotten the

 "Cold Weather is Coming and Covid is already here Memo" and were



thereby making conditions perfect for understanding


Quiet the Mind

Enter the Silence

and KNOW.


This is the Power of Bear.

Yes, though we may never think of it this way...

Introspection IS a POWER.




Right Ho!

and What better time to practice

Hibernation Wisdom

than during

Rolling Blackouts!



No! It was Not an African Village

conserving it's precious Electricity

generated by native children pedaling bicycles...




no... It was Texas


conserving it's precious Electricity

because the Good Old Boy Grid failed under duress!

oh boy.


ah but without that failure,

the Dollmaker would not have had...


The Dollmaker's Blackout Adventure


Rolling Blackouts!!! What a concept!

For three days and three nights

Texas Rocked but mostly Rolled...

the Dollmaker kept track of the Rolling

(hey at least she didn't keep re-setting the clock on the microwave)

while the whole time

the temperature was Below Freezing

(she recorded 8 Degrees at the lowest point)


so.. she lived through

yet another "Worst Disaster in Texas History"


triumphing over "the Worst Fire in Texas History"


in "sheer number of humans inconvenienced"


ok ok...



The Dollmaker's Insider Tips

 on how to achieve Mindfulness through

Rolling Blackouts...


#1. Don't panic.
(Many will remember this important step from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Don't go anywhere without your phone, don't stumble around in the dark, and don't fall out of bed... sustaining a shoulder injury that you really didn't need on top of everything else... ahem.

#2. Find out which drawer has the candles in it. Possibly they are in the cabinet... the closet.. Or on the shelf in the garage.
They will be somewhere and hopefully they haven't become one giant candle from being stored on top of eachother for 10 years in the sunroom...

#3. Find a [working] lighter.

#4. Dig the wicks out of the tops of the candles. Light... 

 #5. one minute later, re-light... pour off excess candle wax. Re-light.

Don't worry- you can scrape wax drippings off the counter and floors later.

#6. Once the candles are all stuck to plates and lit,

space them out around the house.


#7. Now blow them all out.

Your first 20 minutes of Power has begun.

#8. For the next 20 minutes inhale dense candle smoke

and organize your life.

#9. Now Prioritize! You don't have much time.

 Turn on space Heaters and stand in front of them! Warm up! Charge the phone. Turn on the electric blanket's now 49 degrees in the house. 19 degrees outside.

#10. The sky darkening at the Window is not just Snow flurries! It's 500 starving birds battling for position at the feeders. ok. Good thing you just bought a 40-pound bag of black oil sunflower seeds. Because you've got insane Cardinals, Goldfinches, Chickadees, Sparrows, Blue Jays, Titmice, House Finches, some kind of Black bird ..and the Squirrel...

 all competitively engaged out there in the

Superbowl of Seed-Eating.

Feeding the Birds of course entails going Outside.

You DO own Boots, a heavy coat, gloves, and a scarf- so, these you add to the six sweaters and woolen ski mask you are already wearing and then you grab whatever available container you can find which will hold the sunflower seeds... and it had better be large because

you want to do this in one trip..


#11. Bravely holding open the door to the Outside, attempt to set one foot down on the top step. Evaluate. Retract the foot.

Close the door and search for Epsom Salts to sprinkle on the ice.

#12. Hold on to -something- while descending the steps. (not another human being). Proceed with great caution through the driving snow, forging a path of baby steps to the bird feeders.

The Birds will be impatiently Waiting to Grapple. As this is nerve-wracking, you go from carefully pouring seeds into each feeder to finally just

 windmilling seeds around everywhere...


#13. Turn and backtrack in your own footprints. Get back up the steps and through the door! You are Home free now, but frozen, and just as you are heading for the blessed Heater,

the electricity cycles OFF. 

Remember. Timing is everything.

#14. Ha! But not to worry! You can be entertained for the next 20 minutes wrapped up nice and cozy in the luke-warm electric blanket while sitting at

The Window watching aerial Bird Wrestling.

Or- you could take your blankie to the couch and


commune with the Void.

You could Enter the Silence and KNOW!



And Truly, during these Silences

the Dollmaker really did KNOW how lucky she was that

the Power didn't abandon her entirely.


Bear Medicine teaches:

Quiet the Mind, Enter the Silence

and KNOW...

..that smokey medieval Candles are really NOT the answer...

Dim, Drafty and Dangerous Candlelight

was, frankly, useless for reading in bed...

or for anything other than lighting the way to the bathroom

to flush the toilet every 20 minutes (always a good idea until the water shuts off)..

the Dollmaker, using the POWER of

suddenly KNEW that

Dark Times do not necessarily mean Dark Ages!


 She saw the Light!

A Flashlight... a solar-powered Flashlight

was the Answer. And she had two of them! Duh!

The candles all got dumped in a box and

 returned to the nether regions from whence they came.







The Bear emerges in the Springtime

like the opening of a large hairy flower...

and where the end meets the beginning...

it's like Bears are...

"Born Again"!

Born Again Bears. such sweetness...

One could even be your Valentine.


so inspiring that the Dollmaker was compelled

 to jot down a

Winter Haiku...

So many birds above..

sure hope that's falling snow..

my butt is freezing.













behind the scenes... a TRADE was in the works

between the Dollmaker and

Master Avante Garde Jeweler:

Mary Kay Samouce...

when the Dollmaker fell in love with THIS NECKLACE!

ADORN by Samouce - Vintage Statement Jewelry


The Dollmaker was charmed by the little Vintage Autos!

So she initiated the Trade. and Mary Kay wanted

A Plague Doctor!

so now...

The Doctor is IN

at Mary Kay's house!

Hey! Are they partying??

Wait a minute! Oh Yeah! Mardi Gras!

Doctor's Orders:

"Laughter is the Best Medicine!"!


 loving and celebrating the genius of those wild and crazy

New Orleans Party Animals...

banned from the Streets, all parades cancelled...

NOLA Blew Up the 2021 Covid Challenge

and Blasted through with Mardi Gras, THEIR WAY!



Such a good idea! What Fun!!!


House Floats... brought to you by a new Krewe:

the Krewe of House Floats! LOL



...and the Dollmaker's personal favorite:


Just- Wow! So Brilliant!



 gotta love it...




The Voyage

To Never-Never-Snows Land...

..All Aboard!



A Return to Ship Building

(you Know how the Dollmaker adores Airships!)





What a Winter!

Stay warm, ya'll!












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