The Wee Peeple Newsletter

Feb  2023                                Issue 192



The Larimar Castles obligingly sank beneath the sea

so that the Dollmaker could study Underwater Light...



When in doubt about what to do with a wayward Kingdom...

the "Before Kingdom"



..just submerge it.

the "After"



 ..And then that started to happen a lot!

Kingdoms there one minute and

Sub-Oceanic the next!






The study of Underwater Light

Sometimes dazzling- sometimes spooky...



Always compelling...

BUT. Although there was always the implied motion of currents..

and morsels flicking about in the Light..

The paintings needed more movement- more living things..

(besides algae)



The Underwater Paintings needed

 Inhabitants of the Deep...




So began the Studies of ..Fish!




And things that wave and float about in the undersea world

like long fronds of Seaweed







(not surprisingly)  Some of these underwater paintings even landed upon

Ceramic Trays for the Empty Bowl Project..


the Dollmaker could not resist

when she saw the rectangular format of

the bisqued serving trays..




The Dollmaker received

An Invitation to Show her

 Underwater Light Paintings

in The Gallery on the Square

an Art Gallery in Alpine, Texas





The Dollmaker sent

These two Paintings:




Strangely enough, these paintings qualify for this Show because

They are painted on Cardboard!!!


The Show, entitled The R3 Art Show

stands for Recycle - Reuse - Repurpose!




The R3 Art Show opens on March 2nd

and runs through April 18th


Oh the Dollmaker wishes she could have shown some of her

3-dimensional artwork featuring recycled objects!

Massive choices there!! 



 The Wee Peeple Recycled Art Page!












 The Dollmaker is in Love!

...with Painting Designs on

 Ceramic Bowls!





oh yes. Painting Parties went on all month!





Glazes. Before and After Firing.

This collage shows how the Glaze colors change

Before and After Firing.




Even though the Dollmaker is not much of a "Joiner"

she was enjoying herself so much that she

actually became a member of the

 Lost Pines Artisans Alliance!




So, the Dollmaker spent the entire month painting bowls and

not one single new doll got made!


a select group of Wee Peeple Dolls are now

on display in a Gallery

 in Downtown Smithville!

The Lost Pines Artisans Alliance

(of which the Dollmaker is now a member)

has it's own Art Gallery

in a building right on Main Street!



And on their very first day

a Wee Mushroom and a Wee Angel Sold!

A good omen!


Meet the Artists!

The Dollmaker will be taking her shift

every First Friday Afternoon!

From 1:30PM to 5:00PM!

Come and visit the Gallery while she is there!!!


In fact-

Everyone who has their work

shows up once a month to be your "Docent" or "Guide" or "Host"

(We seem to like the word "Docent")

for three and a half hours a month.

So You could meet and be greeted by

all the Artists

 sooner or later! LOL


How jolly is that!!

See you There on the Square!









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