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February 2017                              Issue 120












This month the Dollmaker learned how to take "screenshots"  heehee (these are from

 She also enjoyed designing 13 new

 Name Tags for the Dolls












 ...Signs of the Times....








The hotel was packed with Seasoned Veterans

fondly remembering Yesteryear over drinks

those good old Acts of Non-violent Civil Disobedience... oh yeah!

those crazy Arrests, Rallies, and Confrontational Moments of Times gone by...

 oh yeah... currently sharing Common Cause with a bright new Generation

of young ladies affectionately thought of as

the "Daughters of Co-operative Instigation"


All were swept into the kaleidoscopic intertwining of Joy and Outrage

forthrightly sharing Tales of Empowerment...

 delicately, with relish, (and drumming), extracting the "Be Wild" from the Bewilderment. 



an unexpected Doll Cognizance

at the 2017 Women's Conference...


 Many "Regular Dolls"

(Wise Women, Healers, Catpeeple... and that lot)

congregated along the banks of the "Grande Doll March Route" (which occupied 3 tables)

and these "other Dolls" became the "spectators"...

observing (carefully, it would seem) from "the sidelines"....


evidently, those "Spectator Dolls" were

paying FAr more attention than the Dollmaker gave them credit for...

 while that tiny -but dedicated- Legion of Pussyhatter Dolls -marched effervescently-

down hallways, across tables, and up into hotel rooms...

...each one carrying a Sign, some Dolls carrying Two Signs...





...all seemed well and good...

...but soon afterwards....



Ordinarily demure, normal, well-adjusted Dolls, like the

Wise Women, the Greenmen...  and even the Healer Dolls,

previously content to have their message "tacitly understood"...

"expressed non-verbally"... "implied indirectly"...

and so forth...

boldly following the provocative example of their peers, suddenly waxed Articulate! 

demonstrating an Explosion in Communication previously unprecedented

complete with pertinent

and then!  they, too,

the Wise Women, the Greenmen... and even the Healer Dolls

 began to March!





oh good grief.


oh no....

 well... for cat's sake!

They will NOT be ignored! 

the Catpeeple Dolls

were concerned when they noticed...
Marching Dolls were getting literally ALL of the

so... (between naps)

 they wasted no time

in Organizing












 oh c'mon now...  no, wait!

after that,

the Fairies of Delight just HAD To.

They simply had to do it, too!

Somehow agreeing solemnly that every Sprite has the

Right to Delight

they promptly established the first

March For Magic

or, in their language,

Flitter For Magic



the Dollmaker never knows nowadays














the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry presented

for the 13th year in a row...



Many savory Soups waited inside the Bastrop High School Event Center (aka: Cafeteria)

Many Hand Decorated Bowls waited on tables near the door...



Accompanied by Carol, the Dollmaker arrived (very) early...


"We take these bowls seriously!" Carol laughed,

as they determinedly held their ground at the front of the line...


It's funny how some things can get

SO competitive SO suddenly...




 anyway...  just sayin... the struggle was real but...

  those girls GOT the Bowls they wanted...



"The Tiger"... "The Queen"... and "The Indian-blanket Flower"

were the themes of this year's Chosen Bowls..      



Thank you, Food Pantry,

for using the money from this fund-raiser

to Feed the Poor!

Thank you to the 16 local Restaurants who participated!

The Soups were Amazing!!!

And Thanks to all the Teachers who helped

and the Children who decorated the bowls!

LOVE the new bowls!










 Five years ago, the Dollmaker's home burned to the ground

which instantly made her a HOMELESS PERSON. An Evacuee.

...some would say... a Refugee.

now THAT was weird.


So she KNOWS what it feels like to be a disaster victim

innocent of all blame, yet still

 in a load of......

...that moment when one fully realizes there's no place

like home...


Therefore, in the Spirit of Compassion for ALL people who have lost their Homes

(or even worse- their Homelands!): signage or pink kitten-hats here...

They don't even march.



But they Do represent real people temporarily in trouble

doing the best they can to move on.


Thank you to everyone who helped ME...

and to All souls who Help those in









 is usually... Visiting Month! Lunch Month!

this February the Dollmaker did not meet her usual quota

of "lunches" with girlfriends

She did still get to spend SOME quality time with friends!


and 30 What's Up PussyHat Dolls found homes around the country...

which is why the Dollmaker felt it would be OK to

go back on Ebay and purchase those Other

perfectly round Stone Balls she's been Watching...



The real white ones are from Florida- the darker smoother ones are from Oregon.

The ones from New Mexico and Texas are in the mail!

And she is Still Looking... maybe some day she will find

a perfectly round stone ball made of chert

 like the one she lost in the fire...


She's getting close...




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