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December 2023                                  Issue 202



The Grand Finale- Big Booms marked the end of the Faire! And that was it!

{-splendid Fireworks Photos by Gene White-}




leading right into...

 how Wee Peeple Dolls got into



Not too many new Dolls were made in December..

Notable exceptions being...


Robin Hood Raccoon!



...the Raccoon Bandit!



and a dapper gent... in progress..

the Watcher Raccoon

a Special Order!

This guy is watching, alright...

Right now he is watching the US Mail.. for his unique Cane..

...sporting a magnifying glass!








So, then..

took the form of

A big After-TRF Christmas Sale

30%-50% off

on the Wee Peeple Doll Constructions Facebook Page:

check it out if you haven't already

anything can happen when the Wee Folk control their own page..!



also descended upon old friend Ms. Kate

 in her Rehabilitation Center Room

when the Maker of Dolls arrived with

a Santa Hat and Yuletide Fashion Robe, some books, "festive Bed Decorations"

and General Good Tidings on Christmas Day!

Kate's Roommate joined in and those girls had a jolly Visit!

She reports that Ms. Kate is looking quite well and is as feisty as ever these days!





So... December... Moving on... a New Year in sight...

the Dollmaker addressing the backyard jungle...




First thing: Dig up Alien Root Clusters..




Distractedly discovering that these Alien Life Forms had established

a whole network of connected colonies

unseen! under the surface! Buried In the Dirt!

(a clue to look for the Alien Invasion Underground!)


Yet, even as their formidable thorny vines repel the Unwary~



To the Seeker of Alien Life Forms, these selfsame vicious thorny whips are

but a marker to where the plant emerges from the ground...

revealing the best place to dig!



And they DO make deliciously creepy

Dangly Things!



Right ho.. so as the Dollmaker says,

 "Real Witches probably have those."

On Earth they are called: Greenbrier Roots





ok so...The Original Idea was to create a

 "Fairy Garden"



She started at the Center of the Space where her old backyard used to be....

clearing away dead grasses and thorns, filling in stray holes,

unearthing old relics from the Fire twelve years ago...



Fossils and Holey Stones appeared as she dug...

Aware of them surfacing as delightful Gifts from the Earth..

she used them to line the curvatures of the walkways..



During the whole week before Christmas

The Maker of Dolls cleared enough Space for her

 "Fairy Garden" to become a "Fairy Village"!



and the Space had taken on Circular dimensions...

In fact, jolly, if somewhat irregular, Concentric Circles.






The Tjuringa sacred stones  include a sun symbol identical to that of the Aten, the solar deity worshipped in Egypt around 1000 BC. In Atonist art, the Sun was depicted as having little hands that reached out to touch mankind.


Sacred Medicine Wheel



concentric castle

practical applications

often will include "protection"


The Circle is one of Humankind's

Oldest and most elemental symbols..



A field guide

to Rock Art Symbols says: 

The SUN is symbolized by

Three Concentric Circles

Signal Hill, Tucson, Arizona 

Photo J & E Faris, 1990



Van Gogh Used Concentric Circles

to represent Light



Rock Art

Saguaro National Park


Sego Canyon, Utah

Photo-Peter Faris, 1980


Neolithic Carvings, England


Illustration to Dante's Divine Comedy,

 Paradiso by Gustave Doré. Plate 34.

Dante and Beatrice and the Heavenly Host of Angels

(Canto 31: The Saintly Throng in the Form of a Rose)



so, then.. on the day before Christmas...

while de-cluttering a shelf..

Out from an obscure corner popped an Informative Pamphlet..

(the Dollmaker later saw this as "getting the MEMO")


This thin little manuscript was entitled:

Shamanism & Nature Spirituality:

 The Sacred Circle

and it described the many ways in which

the Primal Peoples of the World created Sacred Space

using a Circular Format.



She liked this quote:


"We can bring the Circle into Being

in any way that has Beauty and Meaning to us."


Now what an interesting little piece of journalism

 for her to find at That Exact Moment in Time...

Coincidence? ...she thought not.



The Circle, maybe more than any other basic symbol

 has generated a generous quantity of Lore and Legend,

most of it with some kind of irrefutable bent, such as...


"A circle has no beginning and no end."



Euclid, a Greek Mathematician...aka: The Father of Geometry...

 here drawing a circle with a compass.

Those guys liked to spar in the streets

on philosophical subjects..

They boldly demanded to know:

How is it possible to create a form that has no beginning and no end?



And Euclid, waving his little compass around

pointed out that

Nature does it by creating from the Center.



SO...  in the Great Laboratory of Nature,

Concentric Circles were Ultimately Considered to be

a Very Good Idea Indeed!

Circular Creations took hold on every level imaginable!



Crater formation

Planetary Positions

Blood Vessels

Pine Tree Rings


oil on water

Solar System

Cellular Structure

Spider Webs


mushroom cap

raindrops on water


Ancient Stone Carvings

Cell Phone Circles

Magnetic Filings

The Earth's Core

Crop Circles in Ireland

tomato blight


Mankind couldn't help but get Involved in this!

So the general Idea occurring to indigenous people around the globe

(and maybe even around the Universe!)

was to combine a Sacred Circle with

 Sacred Intentions-

 (Thanksgiving, Prayer, Meditation, calling for Spiritual Guidance..

basically it was a place to go to reconnoiter with One's Own Journey).


The "Mandala", "The Medicine Wheel", and "The Wheel of Fortune" in the Tarot deck

are all connected with the Creation of




So the Dollmaker took a Shaman's-eye view of the space she had been creating..

the curves lined with rocks, fossils, metal figurines, ceramics and molten glass

originally hand picked, collected, treasured

eventually buried in the ground and finally dug up again..


That is when she realized

that she had, all along, been Intuitively creating a



Perfect! The perfect place and just in time

to get in there and Visualize Intentions for the New Year.


So many things are really just Perfect.





Right. Actually, the Dollmaker descended on her Painting Studio

like a migration and got back to work right away, determined to finish

at least one of those eternally everlasting





that excitement led onwards..

or backwards... back to Larimar

and the

Larimar Mines








Ok so here's the Really Big News!

Guess who is now enjoying Wedded Bliss?!?

The Dollmaker's

Daughter Shannon!!!



After being together for over 12 years.. a Joyous Decision was made!

May Shannon and Chad have a long and happy marriage!








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