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December  2022                                Issue 190


Painting has begun..

December Cloud and Mountain Studies






a Weird Christmas...


Holly Jolly.... right. Well. It was Well Below Freezing.

Nobody moved. The Highway was deserted. Christmas Plans were canceled.

People stayed home and talked to loved ones on the phone all day...

...The Dollmaker ascended in the home-bound ministerial Hierarchy to...

Oracle of the Sacred Water Pipes...

and they did not break. so there was that.

The Christmas Reward.




 while the wild birds raced on the wind through stark branches outside..


Indoors, a flock of very stationary but cheerful

 Cardinals perched for Christmas...

and that was about it for Decorating..

But they WERE nice and red and festive and will likely stay out all year...




Now, a few days before Christmas, the Dollmaker DID have gangs of Fun

Listening to some great live music and goofing around at the

 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

with Cindy, Kit, the Girls, and the Santa Props..



aside from all this merriment

 the Dollmaker spent most of the month of December

staying warm and making...


Wolf Spirit Animal




She enjoyed working with Ms. Susan on this thoughtful gift

for a couple of friends who regard the Wolf as their Spirit Animal.





~In Memory of Rick Norton~


a likeness ...created for his loving daughter, Chelsea



A true Spirit Doll

now the Captain of his own Commemorative Altar

radiating the Presence of a Love that is Still There.






Using this picture of the Goddess Diana as a Reference...



A Woodland Goddess



...yet another Incarnation of the Deer Goddess..





The Mighty I AM Lion

Contemplating the Miraculous, and

welcoming the months of Introspection ahead..





The Armored Crow Shaman

(another incarnation of The Morrigan)



 In this incarnation the Morrigan in her Crow Form seemed to require

 more Metal than her earlier versions... her an Armored look..







Something NEW!!!

(NOT a Special Order!)

 White Lacy Parasol-shaped Mushrooms!


The Dollmaker has been wanting to try this sort of 'homespun' idea for years..

she might have called this aesthetic "Shabby-Chic" in her day

But now there's a better new word:




What is Cottagecore?

"It's an aesthetic that celebrates Simple Living,

particularly in the countryside."

baking bread, picking wildflowers, Lacy Mushrooms, milking cows...




of course an even more Magical word for the Lacy Mushroom Way of Thinking is:






"..a fantasy themed aesthetic that centers predominantly

around Faerie and Elf Mythology."



(think butterflies, magic, flowers, Fairy Houses,

soft animals like bunnies, vibe of Springtime, bubbles...)






 Oh MY!

There was a DOG Onboard!

A Dog onboard that marooned Troll Ship!

Oh what a surprise Jennifer got

after owning that Fashion Designer Doll with the Ship on her Head

for about a month, the lights went out...

and while searching around with a flashlight

Jennifer met the

Stowaway Dog


This would not have made the newsletter if it had been - just that.

But the white Stowaway Dog in the Troll Airship looked exactly like

the white Pyrenees Puppy Jennifer was thinking about adopting.

She called the Dollmaker to announce that

she took this as a sign and adopted the Puppy.





Dogs on Ships.


No.  ok, Right.. geeze.


n="center"> n="center">   





This is the month the Dollmaker holds her annual

Christmas Doll Sale

 on Facebook


These were most of the full sized Wee Peeple Dolls that went on sale..

20-30% off their original prices.




at this writing the circled ones are no longer available

If interested in this sale

email the Dollmaker at





the Dollmaker on Ebay!

Friends alerted the Dollmaker to this

Post on Ebay

A Vintage photo of the Dollmaker in her early days...

an old press release from 1984

(surfacing after 38 years!)

...and Now: Buy One, get one Free, even!



Evidently posted by a company who deals in "Historical Photos" now the Dollmaker is officially a fleeting moment in History!

 "Historical"! LOL




It was a good thing the Dollmaker took a Screenshot of the Post

because it disappeared the next day...





Fortunately, many old photos of the Dollmaker still exist...

Thank you to Mary Wilson who sent this


in a Christmas Card to the Dollmaker...


This photo must have been taken around 1984 also.

It looks like...

the Dollmaker's second year at the Texas Renaissance Festival...



and speaking of Vintage...

a Thank you goes out to Amy Harris who sent the Dollmaker

a huge boxload of Vintage Jewelry!

What FUN!




This grumpy Magician's plans to offend everyone

were shattered when he realized that he was to be

the only male

in this household of women. Wise Women. lol

(Collection of Austin Jennings)




So- all in all December was a strange month

 in all it's Perfection...

Perhaps a Catharsis.

Here's to the end of this month

and the end of this Year!

The coming year is going to be Fabulous!!!

Dreams will come true this year!







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