The Wee Peeple Newsletter

December 2020                          Issue 166


Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Plague Doctors in thy Branches!

ah.    so...




began on a somewhat dire note...







but there was something to celebrate in

The Wee Peeple Doll Construction's

..and a commemorative 40th Anniversary Stamp

stamped on the bottom of each doll made in the Year 2020

... yay...


..alright, well... it did have it's moments...


like the jolly and bless-its-heart 9th and Final Themed Weekend of the






ah yes... The Dollmaker is filled with relief and gratitude

for the incredible Good Fortune of getting through TRF

unscathed by Firestarters, Murderers, Vandals,

and oh yeah the Corona Virus (no faire has opened since March)... began, survived, and ended the



but not before

..that masterfully Devised Three-Day Shopping Stimulus to Stampede...

Opening with the brilliant and cunningly contrived





 and so... "Opportunity" struck again!

And the Dollmaker once more dutifully packed up her Thanksgiving dinner

 and headed for the


...where "Christmas" was in full swing...



the Dollmaker is like: "We DID IT! YAY!"



now then

Remember when Cydnee bought Michael's first "Party House"...?



...nothing like a first Christmas in a Doll's new Home... sigh.. so sweet.



Wee Peeple Dolls celebrating elegantly at Maritabeth's house!!!

the Dollmaker always loves photos of the Dolls at Yule time...






...when the Texas Renaissance Festival ended,

the Dollmaker really got busy-

posting pictures Online of the Dolls she still had

And many Wee Peeple Dolls shipped out to become

 Christmas presents!




Her "Holiday Sale" and Special Orders

 kept the Dollmaker busy for most of the month of December...


at which time she found she needed to order more

Shipping Boxes various sizes...

and while she was at it,

she ordered new tote bags for the Doll Shoppe too...





 things got really strange in a very short amount of time..., suddenly,




became a Thing people had to figure out how to do





the hammer came down on Sherwood Forest Faire in it's 3rd weekend.

Shut down. And for the next 8 months no Renaissance Festival dared to open...



Blindsided by Worldwide Pandemic.

so.. as the astonishing Role of Toilet Paper

 rocked the civilized World...



...the Dollmaker, like the Fool on the Hill-

watched that World spinning round.....




and around April or so...

she stopped making Dolls for a while

in favor of



right. somewhat of an understatement to say that

Masks were big in 2020...


and while Mask Wearing

 became the most controversial issue of the century

spawning disgust, disputes, disillusionment,

and eternal disgruntled discussion...



the Dollmaker found a path through the chaos,

and responded in her own way... as usual.





so... in December it seemed like a good idea to make an

Art Mask Calendar...

she had enough photographs, for sure!

and while she was collecting pictures from files,

she went ahead and made that Calendar she intended to make...

the one with the Paintings and the Dolls:









Nowadays the Dollmaker has been spending a lot of time outdoors-

gathering roots, twigs and branches

 and lashing them together using twine and ripped fabric strips



fashioning these little "Spirit Houses"


(see You Tube! - on how to build a tripod)


as well as acquiring an understanding

 of the peculiar (pyramidal) power in the design...


these types of constructions are simple and quite ancient, possibly dating from

Megalithic mound-building cultures- a fascinating study-


The Dollmaker does not know where this is going (does she ever?) but...

they ARE getting bigger...



meanwhile- Yard Art!




...coming up...

what will the Dollmaker be doing with these luscious locks

next year...



like.. tomorrow...


..and so ends the year of the Dollmaker's



Right now the most Fervent Worldwide New Year's Wish

is for 2021 to be Better than




Here's to the beauty that replenishes your psyche

and the symbols that consistently restore your balance!



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Rest in Peace Amazing Artists and Friends

Dave Sheppard & Cathleen Oz

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the Dolls are at the





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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."

-Thomas Szasz

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