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August 2023                                Issue 198



Notably, It IS that Time! when

     begins to come around again....


right. the Orange Uprising.

Those Enormous Floral Hats! As if Smithville was in the Tropics!

It usually happens on a random day in late summer when

the whole atmosphere in the Dollmaker's home begins to take on

an "Orange Tint"...


(probably due to the light filtering in through Orange Curtains!)



A truly Auspicious Random Day-

this annual Day of the Grand Opening of

 the Season of Orange..

 ushering in Big Fun with

Dramatically - Florally - Literally - "Over the Top"

Orange Hats! ta da!



...but... but...wait!  ...These new ones are all...


yes yes..

The Great Orange Beginning was momentarily thwarted

and had to step aside for this one!

Because PINK is the One Thing that the Wee Peeple Dolls have in common with

Barbie Dolls!

The Easy Ability to Own the Color

ok, the Dollmaker wasn't going to see the Barbie Movie- not really-


but - Barbie being a DOLL and all-

she felt a certain Solidarity was needed here...

So, yes, the Dollmaker went to see the Barbie Movie.





so what's not to love, right...?

a Legend in her own Time

with a slogan like: "You Can Be Anything!"

(especially When you look like a Barbie Doll, Honey!)

such as a Barbie Doctor or a Barbie Astronaut

although we have yet to see Barbie Elemental Dolls.. Barbie Wind Spirits etc..

but both Barbie and "the Wee's" being

"Symbols of Social and Cultural Inclusion"

sure- finding Common Ground with Barbie was easy-

both having unrealistic or approximated body shapes

besides a Solid Connection through the Color

So, Rays of Pure PINK Light shone down from Above agreeably

And Common Ground was cheerfully reached!

"Barbie-esque PINK" was actualized in Dollmaking Solidarity!








"You Can Be Anything."

 PINK even competed and won  

 for a while  over

which is a hard thing to do this time of year!



did gain some ground with the construction of this

 Merchant Doll Arts and Crafts Merchant

who dazzles the Young Peeple with


and modeling this year's Dangly-decorated,

sensibly wide-brimmed

yet vividly Orange Hat..


right ho!... and around back to

the Subject of Hats..






One August day Hattie the Witch

tapped the tip of her wand three times on

 the Brim of her Hat

and muttered the Incantation:

"Super-Size It!"


and so mote it be-ed!


Hello Extravagant Witch Hats! Brimmed Excessively

the way we always KNEW they should be! and

Trimmed with "No Moon Night" Basic Black Organza Roses.

Unconstrained Extravagances are the New Normal this month!


btw... That "broad-minded" Witch named Hattie

(probably by virtue of her mischievous countenance as well as her Astonishing Hat)

 has been accepted for Alliance with

Sarah Hill's Exclusive Houston All-Ladies League:

one Lone Dark Star Consortium of Wee Peeple Witches!


an amazing collection!







So, one day, Janet Gelles, who owns a massive collection of

Catpeeple Dolls

(see below)

mentioned that the Dolmaker had pretty much stopped making the Catpeeple Dolls!

This was, unfortunately found to be TRUE! make sure this situation was remedied in time for Halloween

Construction started immediately on this group of










 August Wall Art.

(yes, Texas did feel like the Sahara this month)


Unique Fabric Constructions for the Wall..


"The Persistence of Blue Days"

Witch Hats jump "outside the box"..

"50 Shades of Greenman"..


A genuine Shamanic Trance State

A Mischievous Maiden of the Holey Stones

 - and many more...


The Crow finds Objects of Interest..., beads, stones, shells, scraps of fabric..


Crow Medicine.




a lot of Crow Medicine around here...




Meanwhile in other areas of the Dollmaker's Workshop...


Small Dolls. Big Hair.

..more of that Aura of Unrestrained Extravagance...


but of course, in Preparation for the... upcoming (looming!)



...a little over a month away..

Opening Day:

 Saturday, October 7th!

(Almost to Halloween by then! heehee)



The Dollmaker looks forward to summarizing all the Work

next month, right before the Texas Renaissance Festival starts.

Meanwhile... Hang On tight because

Everything is speeding up! LOL


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Happy Birthday to the Dollmaker!



Welcome Deanna

 to Team Wee Peeple!

She will be working in the Doll Shoppe

on Sundays!



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