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August 2022                              Issue 186




In the Time of

The Lioness!

This month the Dollmaker got to work.
 selecting magical accessories, a Wise Woman considers her Choices...


Hat - or No Hat.


...hmmm... now that might depend...

on how Witchy she felt that day...


anyway, it's good to have Choices...

 (and especially jolly to have First Pick of those choices...)





In Sunny August it was Time to Acquire

bright and cheerful new Dollmaking materials...



 With all the new Yarns, Fleeces and Furs, the Dollmaker had gangs of fun

making Fancy Doll Wigs!



and Fancy Doll Hats!




Layering on these new

Feathery "Tinselized" FABrics

resulted in this

-so beautiful she must be dangerous-

-Overgrown-Mossy look-

for a reclusive Wise Woman

highlighting her triangular shape..

(Triads have special significance this month)


...also significantly

in possession of several

 Good Fortune Coins...

each engraved with tiny pictographs

intended to bestow

well... Good Fortune.




This Season many of the Dolls

(unless they have a real good excuse)

will wear or possess at least one

Good Fortune Coin.



Smoothly transitioning right into the Time of the Interesting

like this one:



(Two of the) Four Seasons Special Order


a very Special Request, indeed, from the Folks at



Right Ho!

Once upon a seasonal and cyclical Present Time

 there was a magnificent old Victorian Inn on the coast of Maine

surrounded by a huge Blackberry Patch!

Bed and Breakfast!!  British Chef!  BLACKBERRY SCONES!  Detour!

The Dollmaker enters the story,

not as a hungry traveler, (she Wishes...)

but because it was determined that this fruitful Inn needed a

Wee Goddess of the Blackberries...!

 Of Course! Of Course! The very thing!



But How did the Proprietress of the Blackberry Inn KNOW that she needed

a Wee Goddess of the Blackberries for her Inn?



She knew, because she was from Houston, Texas

and already owned a few Wee Peeple Dolls

(ancient ones, from the mid-nineties!)

who sit proudly on display in one of the charming Sitting Rooms

in the Inn.


These Wee Peeple Dolls in residence were, in fact, recently recognized

by a visitor from (none other than) Texas

Who exclaimed: "OH! You know Kandra??"


It turned out that they both knew the Dollmaker

and both had Wee Peeple Doll Collections!


(the ones in the Blackberry Inn are actually 26 years old!)

oh my!

and one of them was even Dedicated!


 So then, the Proprietress of the Blackberry Inn,

 (Catherine Hobson)

decided that she needed MORE Wee Dolls

 for the INN.

and Not JUST a Blackberry Doll, but

Dolls for All Four Seasons!!


(so far Autumn and Winter are finished)


The Spring Doll will be next...






 in Maine

does have

 Four distinct Seasons

a fact that Catherine (from Texas)

 finds delightful!


A great idea to have a Doll which represents each one!



Tune in next month to see the

other two Seasons in the Sequence.




The Four Seasons Theme

has come up a few times in the Past...

The Dollmaker says of this: "Always a pleasure!"





ah... lovely.  oh yes.

but then.. there were



This time not so benign...


Introducing The Morrigan,

Celtic goddess of prophecy, sovereignty, war, and death on the battlefield.

 Oh, there are countless stories of her, sightings that go back thousands of years

 all the way to the present day.

 She is found where armies gather, where wars rage, where wisdom and warnings are needed,

where courage and bravery require strengthening…

and where the dying are in need of a comforting guide to the eternal realm beyond.


-Kim McNamara-Wilson, historian




So... the Dollmaker was commissioned to make this

Legendary Irish Witch-Goddess...

this memorable character from Norse Mythology...

noted for her ability to shape-shift into a crow...


or a Woman of Any Age (Maiden, Mother, Crone)

...proficient in the delicate art of inciting wars...

her Celtic Name is translated as "Phantom Queen"

 goddess of war, witchcraft and death, protection and retribution


so, the Dollmaker got started...

and the Morrigan Doll arrived swiftly,

almost as if "channeled"

ephemeral.. crow-like,

cloaked in feathery Darkness...


And then, after further research,

the Dollmaker discovered

this similar image

of the Morrigan on horseback

(she's in the middle) with her two sisters

 all together representing a fearsome version of the Triple Goddess..


The Three Morrigans

by Ion Ander Ramirez of IonAnder Art.


The Celtic goddesses,

all of whom were goddesses of sovereignty,

 were usually depicted in threes known as triads.





Just pray that you never see her washing your clothes!

(a sure sign of impending doom)



So, the Dollmaker had to ask... What are her GOOD Qualities?


Well, the Morrigan represents the really Scary Woman who Stands Up

 for Herself and for the Sovereignty (self government) of her own Land;

who uses stealth and magic against Deliberate Evil in such a way

that the Evil destroys Itself...

She's a Queen with the Heart of a Crafty Warrior..

who is generously right there to escort the perps to the Afterlife.


Morrigan, by Magdalena Korzeniewska



WOW! Some Vibe! And

That's not all! The

continued through the month....

as if in an attempt to out-do the others- check this one out...


Certain present-time inhabitants of the Scandinavian Norse Lands

find themselves in tune with the Old Ways...

A European Band called


demonstrates their connection with ancient Shamanic Rituals- Onstage!



A present-time Shaman... and Rock Star!


personifying none other than

The Deer Goddess

remember her?

Remember that Shamanic Tradition in Slavic Countries

to honor and revere the Deer Goddess...


The Horned Headgear is about the Female Reindeer!

“carrying the sun in her horns”

ushering in the Return of the Light.




a Heilung-esque Nordic Shaman in progress...




And if it is possible to stand any more excitement

The Dollmaker has more good news to share:



The Dollmaker 's Best Birthday Present Ever was

waking up at Toonview with a functioning shower and toilet!

A HUGE Thank you goes out to Rob Johns

who persevered through the many obstacles to making this happen!



He also fixed a few other little annoyances:

such as installing new plywood on the nightmarish floor in the bathroom;

patching Giant holes in the outside walls (until the new siding goes up);

A door (to the "varmint room") which was laying on it's side is now hung

and trimmed out so that it even closes!

 This means that Varmints can no longer access the interior walls!

oh God, Yay.

yes, Toonview is really coming along.

It's almost like a real house now!!!



It's been a very busy month!

All the while, every day, getting ready for the

Dollmaking is Well Underway!

with One month to go!








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