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August  2021                              Issue 174 




a Sweeping, Swinging, Flowing Flowering Fandango!

The Idea Grows! This month- MORE


(...skittering among the plants at Cindy Meredith's house...)




The Search for New Fabrics...



In the Wee Natural World... Every Rainbow Circle

 becomes a Rainbow Doll!

Hail Tiny Rainbow Twirler Girls!





ah-  the Wee World... strange stories heard on the wind... hears whispers about Snowflakey-looking Dolls rising up from the Fabrics...




oh yes, and even more curious...


...Certain Dolls.. have been officially interpreted as

"wandering aimlessly and staring intently"

near clusters of


sparking the usual Wee Debate on what

can or could or Should happen outside the bounds of "ordinary reality"...



Dolls with a "metaphysical bent" like to think of them as

 "Deeper Insight" Mushrooms...

conceding that they DO instigate "unusual behaviors" ...

but most Dolls just prefer to focus on and WEAR

 the lively colors...



"All who Wander aimlessly are not Lost.."

some are

actually Impersonating Mushrooms...! easy trick for one who can Rise Up from the Patterns in Fabric... (just sayin)


right ho- but when they are not disguising themselves as Mushrooms...


Hats with Curls for
Twirler Girls!!!






meanwhile... as one begins more and more to expect strangeness...

 "Blue Moon Mushrooms"

opened up during the Blue Moon (the second full moon)

 of August... indoors.







then again... the Dollmaker thought

since so many are really just... White...


go with it...




.. Kathy reflects upon how she had somehow become

a willing participant in Fairy Magic...







The Dollmaker's Decoupaged Rock Obsession led to ...

 The Decoupaged Rocks Class!



 The Dollmaker Loves teaching

Arts and Crafts to 8-12 year olds!

What fun!

another Summer Day Camp sponsored by the Smithville Library!

in a really upscale Home Economics classroom at the Smithville High School

Kid Art! Wild, Random, Refreshingly Chaotic Glee!






AAAND... Finally! (drum roll please!)



How about that Amazing


 on the


(That only took a year and a half!)

But here it is! In all it's 50-year Warranty Glory!

Brava Composition Shingles


Approved by TRF and installed by

Gene Haynes and his crew:




Huge Thanks to:



and speaking of

 Plans are being made for the 2021 Season at the

and the Dollmaker is pleased to announce that

Michael Hritz will be Back!

with his latest Fairy Houses




and Awesome Ghostly Pirate Ships!


And as usual... the PLAN, man... is:



 "(somehow) Be prepared for the Unexpected!"


because... uh-oh...

the soothsayer predicts another wild and crazy year...

in fact, one could put it this way:

Prayers Needed!

Opening Day is six weeks away

on October 9th... aaand...

This was the road construction on August 24th

right outside the front gate of


More unexpected excitement, what ho!









Summer passeth... Autumn approacheth...

Many flowers gone to seed... gourds turning brown...



Turn Turn Turn...










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Dearest Catherine, Paul and Rozanne

the Dollmaker thanks you for your outstanding

Birthday Presents!



Also big Thanks to John R., Michael, Rob Johns,

Bev Taylor and John Bond for helping out at Toonview




Follow your Bliss



In October and November

the Dolls are at the








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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

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-Thomas Szasz


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