The Wee Peeple Newsletter

August 2020                                Issue 162



the Dollmaker's Latest Obsession...

yes it could be called that... Astonishingly- with close to 100 made this month...    


 notes Benign Themes such as "Halloween", "Autumn", "Christmas", "Meditative", "Jungle", "Seashore"...






..but stay tuned for more eclectic Themes

as The Festival shimmers nearer...

more along the lines of


 "Oktoberfest Barmaid"

 "Holly Jolly Polly the Celtic Fairy Barbarian"

"Extreme Charlene, mean Queen of Themes"

or perhaps

"the dread Highland Pirate Captain, Molly the Flinger"


but the Dollmaker is just warming up...




yes, the Dollmaker

(who usually tends to accept "Distraction" as "part of the process" )

Stayed the Course this month with staunch fortitude

and the Walls filled up, like her childhood notebooks, with Faces!




So how about those Oval-Shaped Rocks!

Right? ..and now sometimes These Rocks sprout Noses...



What Masquerade would she Unlock...

What Secret Purpose has this Rock...



..some are evidently just destined to become...



little rock-headed Green Men!








The August Tiger Rock Painting Classes went well.




So much fun! to have

The Dollmaker had a blast

Zooming with Dear Old Friends

AND the jolly Grandchildren of Dear Old Friends!

(The Dollmaker promises to do this again next winter, after the Faire)



Devilish, how one thing leads to another...

have also popped up in "Wall Form"

So far there have been Orange Tigers and White Lions..

but Wolves are next...





and it's a good thing too, because...




Will Be Opening

on Saturday, October 3rd

...and, Lord have Mercy, the Dollmaker is going to be there...

at the


now then...





Be warned - dear Aimless Wanderers - Thresholds can be Portals!

Portals with Irregular Behaviors!




Magical Thresholds!


Sporadic Portals to "the Other Side"!

Access Intermittent!  Entrance Not for Everyone!

 Heed this Warning! 

Passages Open and Close at Unpredictable Times!






All that said... the Fairy Kingdom is not without it's Entrepreneurs...

And Wee Folk are flocking to see the Latest Magical Fairy Homes on the Market!



It's the Ye Olde...


Depend on

for actually Functional
Fairy Homes

 from the $50.00's..


New listings!! Many Extras!

Secure Portals
to Other Worlds!

Enchantment-free Furniture!

Affordable and Transportable!






Michael Hritz

~ Fairy Home Builder ~

will be joining the Dollmaker this Season at

with his

 Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes

which will ingeniously compliment the Wee Dolls in ye olde







The Fairy Hovering on the Threshold

stepped through the Veil

and showed the Way...

...a solitary figure, pausing 

 at the entrance to a World Beyond...

...inspired the Dollmaker to make

more Wee Dolls the size of

these jolly Doorways!




And behold:

 these Wee Wand Witches materialized!


...straight away, Witches of all sizes began to Rally Round...


and The Time of Making Witches was upon us!





Let the Witches Begin!





the Dollmaker and Michael are working on somewhat polite



If in you wander,

Our treasures to ponder,

We kindly ask,

That you don thy mask!


Michael G. Hritz

WolfLodge Enterprises




TRF is following State Guidelines- this from the Office:


"TRF will be following the same mandates flowed down from the state,

 which currently states that face coverings over the nose and mouth are required

 when inside a commercial entity or other building open to the public

OR, in an outdoor space where you can not maintain six feet of social distancing

from another person not in your household."




Due to Covid Restrictions on Shoppe Capacity...

Genuine Shoppers will be granted swift entry into the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

(note the front and back of the Doll Shoppe Sign)




...and Aimless Wanderers shall be directed to

>> The Magick Garden <<


where they may wander freely

or park their booties upon Protocol-Observation Benches...




as only 5 people at a time will be allowed to Occupy the Doll Shoppe!






sigh- right. so... here we go... Shood bee EEnteresteeng...




Faire thee Well, Lords and Ladies, as we may or may not











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 Happy Birthday

 to J-Rod and the Dollmaker!



October and November


(Lord have Mercy!) at the

This year starring

Michael Hritz

as the Dollmaker's Business Partner!

and Featuring his Fairy Houses

situated alongside the Wee Peeple Dolls!


Due to the

The Dollmaker will be there on

Saturdays Only!




still working on- a New Roof!

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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."

-Thomas Szasz



The Dollmaker got a much-needed

and long-awaited Haircut!


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