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April  2023                                Issue 194



Rock Owls rocked the Farmer's Market this month!!!



Big thanks to Bob Clipper

who made room in his tiny booth space at the Bastrop Farmer's Market

 for the Wee Peeple Dolls one Saturday



Also represented at the fun Farmer's Market...

yes! It's Rock Critter Time Again...

New Armadill-ish Creatures from "The Underground"!!






right ho. the World Turns......

so the cyclical, if irregular, Return Dollmaking...




Special Order Lion Shaman





Special Order White Wolf









Meanwhile, one morning the Dollmaker arose somewhat bleary-eyed,

and while checking her phone for the time

a fascinating Video unexpectedly popped up...

about finding Agates in the Wilds of Mexico!

she watched, mesmerized, for, well, literally hours.. and then

catalyzed by a burning desire to possess the Wild Agates of Mexico...

She jumped out of bed and started painting!



Here's just one of many links to Finding the Agates of Mexico!



The Dollmaker agreed to teach a Rock Painting Class

on the 7th of May, for the Lost Pines Artisan's Alliance's

Summer Art Classes Program..



for as we all know, Rock Painting Rocks!





Antique Pumpkins, Poppies, Oxalis, Ice Plant,

 Wild Indian Paintbrush, Fig Trees, Mullein, and Rosemary to name a few...


The Magnificent Mullein!

a new Velvety Presence in the Spring Gardens! Medicinal too!

Mullein has what is known as a

Bloom Stalk

The Stalk blooms quite systematically from the bottom to the top...



Central Texas is having a rather rainy Spring...

The Plants are Loving it!!!








So How did the Empty Bowl Project go...?


Well, It was the Souper Bowl of Small Town Events!!


Three Raffle Tables were filled with the usual incomprehensible assortment of oddities...

A determined crowd returned again and again to the Soup Line

And the Gymnasium of the Recreation Center overflowed with BOWLS!

There may have been more BOWLS than people. 



 Anyway, the Event was well attended and enjoyed by all!








The Persistence of Painting.

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Follow your Bliss!

 All Hail to the Triple Goddess!


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the Dolls are at the





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