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April  2022                              Issue 182




ecstatic frolicking with

Water Spirits


What happens when the

Light from a Sunbeam

shines upon a Waterfall....?



 Water Faeries

"...are irresistibly drawn to falling water

and poised within it's sunlit spray, will absorb it's magnetic force..."


"..until the limit of absorption is reached,

whereupon she releases, in one dazzling flash of light and colour,

the energy with which she is surcharged.."


 -observed by Geoffrey Hodson.. in "Fairies at Work and at Play"




"At that magical moment of release

she experiences ecstasy and exaltation

beyond anything possible to mere mortals..."






Helplessly merely mortal-

and therefore, by virtue of "being trapped" in a grossly material body

regrettably unlikely to experience the incandescent Joy of

"...passing in and out of the great rocks at the side of the waterfall

without experiencing any obstruction whatever..."



...the limitations of physicality notwithstanding..

the Dollmaker does claim full access to the

 Realm of the Imagination...








By the Sea Shore

Sea Spirits...





So... a note on sporting about with the Water Fairies...

While Most (ok maybe not MOST) of them are "Sort-of Friendly"

(Being capable of responding ecstatically to sunlit water does not necessarily make them friendlier...)

Certain Water Faeries  (usually the shape-shifting variety)

have been noted to be quite open in their intentions

to hypnotize, beckon, seduce, confuse and lure...


Using Fairy Glamour




Nevertheless, the 'earthy"

Song to a Ladybug  

and many other benevolent Spirits of Nature

 play their part in balancing out the Trickster Impulse...




She who derives potency from stars and moonlight...

Mother Night



here consorting with

 the "Purple Gurls"...

"King Midas' Purple Daughter"

 and  "Purely Purposefully Purple"








A sweet rainy day activity...

 Painting on wet rocks!



Some of these new Painted Rocks

 remind the Dollmaker of

the Rorschach Inkblot Test






How does the Rorschach Inkblot Test work?

You Tube video:




...also not too surprising that ROCKS keep showing up

as the subject of the Dollmaker's paintings...






right ho! ...another message from the forest, sir...




The irrepressible Queen Bonnie and Her Naughty Surprises!

That rascal, her "Overly Familiar" (Cat Puppet - Scottish you know..)

 was particularly willful this year..



oh No! Not Again! Yes! Tradition demands...

 that the same basic picture be taken each year...

...But this time the "Overly Familiar" KNEW Bonnie's bawdy jokes...



The Dollmaker and friends...

gutsy jesters, lusty kidders, whimsical waggeries, ribald quipsters,

witty Will-o'-the-wisps and scurrilous April fools...



and the Dollmaker did take the opportunity to deliver

a doll, to Kit Davis,

who now has Don White's old Shoppe at Sherwood

and who will provide a most merry Port of Call for

the original Troll Ship (and "host")..







April Flowers, Fairy Powers..

Did the Dollmaker mention that she left the Fairies in charge this year...



A New Royal Empress Tree in the Yard

Also known as the Sapphire Dragon Tree

 (Paulownia kawakamii) (common name: Sophie's Dragon)

This year a baby Sophie's Dragon Tree sprouted

about 20 feet from the Mother Tree..



The leaves on a Sophie's Dragon

 get real large.. like this...



The baby Sophie's Dragon

is a fast grower

 and her leaves are already bigger

than a human head!





Inspiring the  Doll Art of



(This video shows the growth in less than two month's time.)



the Grandparents...




....from last year's Pumpkins....

Pumpkin seedlings grow........



So far... so good..

...trying Pumpkins

again this year!





Fairy Leadership... what could go wrong...?

Not only are the Flowers more profuse than ever before... but

"somehow" the Lawn-mowing keeps getting sabotaged!

"Wild Areas" have been cleverly substituted for well manicured lawns...

where dragonflies and rabbits now roam free...  yikes!



The Imposition of Perfection!




the Fairies are like:

Slow Down! Smell the Flowers! Grow! Heal!

 Savor the exquisite


Open up to the Light..







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Warrior down.

The Dollmaker wishes to take a moment to

 recognize and honor the Life of

Hilton Jackson (alias: Sholo)

and raise a glass to the Good Times they shared.

He was a Legend in his own time.

A huge Presence.

...and a loss deeply felt...





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