A Tunnel Painting







from one of the Dollmaker's favorite photographs...


The amazing Guoliang Tunnel in central China

Believe it or not, this Wonder of the World

was built by Thirteen Villagers.

They began the project in 1972...

Their goal was to carve a road to their secluded village...

through the side of a mountain!

Without access to power tools, they undertook construction mostly with hammers and chisels....

12 tons of steel bars and 4,000 8-pound hammers later.. 

Progressing at a rate of approximately one meter every three days,

the tunnel (almost a mile long) opened five years later in May of 1977.


Now the Guoliang Tunnel (and the formerly secluded village) are major tourist attractions.


The Dollmaker certainly can't blame the tourists- she would like to go there too!

Meanwhile, she will just have to be content to paint from photographs!

And actually  this is the second time the Dollmaker has painted this tunnel...




Her original painting burned in the fire.

She missed it so much, she had to paint it again...










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