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 September 2017                                  Issue 127



Regular  and  "Windy" style  Lady Pins


Right-O!  No Wind! nor Rain! nor a Crashed Computer

could stop the September Issue of the Wee Peeple Newsletter!

...although a crashed computer Could and DID delay Publication...


 ...better Late than Never!

right. After the three week dance at the Computer Geek's Repair shop,

(mostly waiting for shipped parts) the Dollmaker finally just bought a new computer...

and then hustled to load all her pertinent programs and icons onto it...


meanwhile hurtling through the usual medley of

Preparations for Opening Weekend at the ...




Which started in September this year!

Opening Day was: Saturday September 30th

brutal weather for late summer in bloody old faux England ensured

Sweaty Hugs for all!

but don't worry- there are Eight More Weekends to go!


October and November

plenty of time to

Check out the




 Dolls uniting with Humans... at this location for 34 years!





Take your first Hard Left coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk - do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage, and the bend.




What can one expect to find in the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe this year?


but of course!

well, it's a "given" that there WILL be



that air of "crazed mystery" seeming to radiate from those new little sKratch heads...



 There Will be WEE MEN... if you can find them...




Pumpkins!!! These are actually refrigerator magnets!



 we also know...

There will be Dragons!!!




and Lions...



and Mermaids!





Eight more weekends!


runs through to November 26th this year.






The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat


The Story of
Lady Nevermind




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"like music drifting through the air-
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Check out the

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