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October 2018                            Issue 140



The Witches of Formidable Intelligence!


'tis October! No more waiting!







are at the



right now.  




...where We are Wee!






and now




 They are Teachers, Historians, World Travelers, Book Worshippers.. strictly imposing rigorous standards...


 ...cultivating scholarship, education and...



...respect for the principles of...












  ok ok...




at the Doll Shoppe


it's also turning out to be a Year of the

















now then

possessing "Another Eye" is a very good EYE-dea...




Aye... better keep an EYE on those guys...

EYE would, if EYE were you...






 esoteric circles composed mostly of children, dolls and stuffed animals...

now a Tale is Told...

of a secret Fairy Door

in a tiny cottage across the Glittering Sea in a Land Far Away...



Three Years Ago...

Wally, the Boy Who Knocked on the Fairy Door

did not realize what he was starting!



Now, years later, Seekers journey from afar, tracking the Legend of the Fairy Door

hoping that they might one day knock upon it!  

One Pilgrim even used the tiny knocker for her knock!





Will Wally return to knock once again?












...drawn to the "Uncertain" and the "Peculiar" as a moth to a flame...

The Award this year virtually goes to the somewhat shy and understated

  Plastique Flame-Head Man

Fleeting, ephemeral, mysterious...

(Sort of like) Cinderella, he simply vanished (extinguished) after this picture was taken.





 ah yes, it is the little Dollmaker's policy to welcome everyone into the Doll Shoppe

but... YIKES!



Honorable Mention- Connie and Leanne for Best Feet









so, the

was a busy little place this month...


The Dollmaker was informed on Woo-Woo Weekend that one of her tiny Angel Ornaments

is, in actuality, and has been for years, a Bad-ass Road Warrior Guardian Angel whose charge it is to

Protect a Certain Pick-up Truck.

When the Angel was (uh-oh) removed from the truck , the truck was "T-boned" (involved in an accident).

The Owner of the Truck swears this story is true and hurriedly bought another tiny Angel Ornament.

(The Dollmaker is thinking that she needs to make a whole lot more of THOSE!)





 The Lady Pins went on Sale!



The Cheshire Cat Pins are almost sold out...




  and The wearable Beadhead Dolls are Back!  



"Mad Hatter" Top Hats are in Style



The Clothespin Doll's age-old rivalry: -Fairies vs. Angels- continues...



And Many Dolls found Good Homes...



 A Big Thank You goes out to Shoppe Helpers John Bond and Debbie Coleman.

The Dollmaker couldn't do it without you!






Also this month:

It was a great honor for the Wee Peeple Dolls to be published in the

October Issue of Renaissance Magazine!

How about that!









The Dollmaker had fun watching the Dread Captain Paul try on his Dread Pirate Hat for

Pirate Weekend and

the Family Reunion


Sandy, Katy, and brother Paul from Florida, daughter Shannon and Chad from Dallas

 and the Dollmaker all came together for two wild and crazy days at the Faire!

Yo! Argh! a great visit!




 so.. er.. yo... there still be tyme to set sail for the scurvy

 and meet the New Mates! 

 Four more cooler-weather weekends to go..

at the



Closing Day is: Sunday, November 25th






Take your first Hard Left coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk- do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage, and the bend.










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