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Is On!

Five down and Four More Weekends to go!

Open Every Weekend in:


..meaning there's still time to

Check out THE




The one and only Real-Time store (ha ha, right) for the



(late-models) (and whatever other hopelessly non-sequitur items the Dollmaker is enthralled with at the Time...)

(..such as Painted Rocks, Owls, Cats, Ball Gowns, Crystals, Beltskirts, Doll Protest Signs, DragonLords etc.)




...your Go-To Place to meet a Doll!

"We are the Wees"...At this location for 35 years!



How to find

Take your first Hard Left coming through the Front Gate..

Stay on the Sidewalk - do not Deviate!

The Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe is just at the end

On the left, before the Odeon Stage, and the bend.




Weekends  Re-Themed by the Dolls... one for the Diminishing of "The Green"...

 "Pile-o-Leaves Adventure Fest" Weekend

Rock Peeple suggested...

"One Thousand and One Minerals" Weekend


for sports fans... age-old rivalries...

 "Fairies vs. Angels vs. Mermaids Weekend"


and coming up next...

"Time-Change Invasion" Weekend

Now then...

Certain Wee Men (with particularly remarkable brows) have removable Hats....

and this turned out to be a very good thing...



ok, so One day... in the Doll Shoppe...

A Doll Shoppe Tale: The Dollmaker and the Witch

T'was during the aptly-named ornamentally nefarious  

-Halloween Delirium Weekend-

when a distraught young Witch materialized in the Doll Shoppe

desperately looking for a Hat

(not for herself, mind you), but for her

Frog Skeleton..

(undoubtedly a pet...) who was, himself, perched upon the brim of

 her own ornamentally nefariously Witchy Hat...


Well! A somewhat unusual request! Nevertheless...

the Dollmaker set to measuring the small boney skull
and concluded that

she DID have a Hat which just might fit him!

...a peculiar little hat...

Worn by a Wee Man, but -removable-  

(one "Urban Shaman" whose basic philosophy of "choicelessness" fortunately resonated with the relinquishment of his hat,

 ( BTW incidentally showcasing his proud "Neanderthal-esque Brow"..)

 (the Dollmaker will make that guy another Hat...)

And it FIT the Frog Skeleton perfectly!

The Witch and the Dollmaker were pleased!






Pumpkin Magnets are now on sale too!



so... in other news-

OF COURSE there will be the

Witch Sales!

At last count there were

five- nope- four- available

Witch Dolls

30% off


the Weekend-after-Halloween











the sKratch Heads.


Doll Constructions using the


Architectural Sculpting Medium

Now have their own

Special Tags!


which is so far being used

by the Dollmaker to make

Dragon  and Lion Heads...

and Witch Heads!







so... How's it Going at the Faire so far?


...well... it's been Hot and Cold, Wet and Dry, Crowded and Sparse...

Frenetic and Quiet... all of the above, already, at the Faire... but nothing has stopped the

 Spike-heeled Pirate Beauty Queens, Skull People from the Day of the Dead, Darth Vaders, Storm Troopers,

hundreds of hitherto unknown species of Fairies, and even Hurricane Harvey Victims complete with horrific phone photos...

from attending en masse...

And ALL are welcomed at the door of the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

(except the ones carrying beverages filled to the brims of their glasses-)

(those Unfortunates are dispatched toot sweet by the Dollmaker before -Drink Fling Weekend- ("the Curse of the Wees")  might descend upon them

 and promptly directed to the adjoining Magick Garden to "drink up")

But ALL Others are Welcome!





For Two Months each year... the







Runs til November 26th.








October was a month for the Peculiar...








“Nature has neither core nor skin:
she’s both at once outside and in.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Nature has neither core nor skin: she’s both at once outside and in.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Read more at: |
“Nature has neither core nor skin: she’s both at once outside and in.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Read more at: |


The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat




The Story of
Lady Nevermind





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