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July 2018                            Issue 137










the Sole Saga continues...




Wee Feet

are 'taking a stance'

Really got a "foothold"...

now elevated to the status of Primary Obsession for 2018



of course these dolls like to be known as

steppers, striders, perambulators, strutters, and having good legs...

(alas ..actually often posers, loiterers, dawdlers, and swaggerers (with beanpole legs))




are still "a step up" ...a lotta Legwork going on there!


Oh my, but those adorable little all-occasion Booties!

the Dollmaker had to be restrained from naming them:  the Cutie Bootie Dolls...




alright she is still thinking of naming them:  the Cutie Bootie Dolls.....        (yes!)

or possibly the Feet Peeple.... hmmm- or simply... Wee Feet! ..sounds French



Whether hiking or huffing, asserting, trailblazing, or simply "bystanding"...

 the new Wee Feet Dolls are "going in on foot" deep into Two-Legs Territory!




Introducing the strutting Tassel Girls!

Small Dolls made from Tassels.

...known to be real swingers...


also on the bench:

Ballerina Belles

Perched on fabulous Cedar Stands

Yes! The Dollmaker discovered old logs in her yard-

what a surprise when she cut them into sections for the Doll Stands

and they were Cedar! Very fragrant and with a colorful ring pattern..

This just keeps getting better!








The Summer of Points...


"You don't have to have a Point to have a Point."

-from the 1971 animated film, The Point ...(narrated by Ringo Starr with music by Harry Nilsson)

Remember that one? (Me and My Arrow)

(Here's the Trailer)



Sometimes it IS good to have a point or a even few extra points...





So the Sea God sported Points

and then there were the Summer Witches...

It cannot be denied that  

Witches are Universally Defined by their Pointed Hats!

 there's just no getting around that:



Then of course, the Shoes themselves

started out Pointed and remained so throughout the summer...



And then- naturally it had to be "Christmas in July"



 Meanwhile, the Dollmaker was also doing some fascinating research on the pointed mountains

of the Hunan Province of China



 this Root-Headed Fellow had quite a few Points to consider...



and even the Flowers coming up in the yard had Points!





<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


The point is that during the month of July,

the Dollmaker couldn't help but be "influenced" by the abundance of


everywhere around her!




 Inspired by Witch Hats and Chinese Mountains...

These are the Conical Constructions... but their local moniker is:


those "Hornie Things"...



sounds good to the Dollmaker...

some kind of "Abstract Art" one presumes...

something like a vertical Dr. Seuss Landscape on acid.


(They hang on the wall.)





Stranger Still!



True that, but the Dollmaker makes the point that:

 Dolls can be made from (almost) Anything!!!! ...many common things!


An Exoteric Demonstration of (the elevation of) Ordinary Things by representing them as anthropomorphic caricatures:  or...

Found Object Art

on display at the Smithville Public Library




a Presentation to a diverse audience of "people who go to the library"

 of the Dollmaker's "lesser-known works"

on exhibit for the month of July



Honing those skills of

 "Observation" and "Detection"

 kids are invited to

 "Find the Found Objects"...


for example:

This Found-Object Sculpture

contains at least:


one pointy hose nozzle

one vitamin bottle

and two nails...



Summer Programs at the Smithville Library


Having her work displayed in the Library Cabinet in July

coincided nicely with the Dollmaker's 

 Found Object Dollmaking Class

 Why the Dollmaker loves kid's brains:

..they have no problem with...

"see this loop? that's the head...."


so The Dollmaker taught a fun little

Dollmaking with Scraps Class

on Teen Night

at the Smithville Public Library

A no-hot-glue situation...

Dollmaking on a shoestring...

or- in this case- a pipe cleaner-


Working with available materials!

the Ultimate Point:

  Dolls can be made from All Sorts of Things!



    These Dolls were actually able to be posed.

so... After everyone had made a few Dolls,

the Dollmaker then led the class in Hiding Them

all around the Library!


Wouldn't the Librarians be surprised the next day!




and one more thing:

t'was a somewhat Shamanic July...



whereupon a sKratch-headed Monochromatic Shaman came into being...



...just pointing out that this character's strongest points are

 the requisite Pointy Shoes and some Pointy-looking Forehead Decor...



Point well taken.






ok... at this point...








The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat





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Happy Birthday John!


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Hope you had a safe and uneventful 4th of July!






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