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February 2018                             Issue 132









there's something about a little framed head...

a head peering outwards

situated in one world and peering into another...


Aye, Mateys! Portal Construction is Underway!

The Dollmaker is setting out to build an Airship!



Inspired by the whimsical Portals of

 Gerard Collas!







 Inspiring Found Object Sculptures by Gerard Collas






















The Dollmaker built four new Lions this month... One took off straightaway with Angela..

But then! Seemingly out of Nowhere... right in the midst of Lion Construction...

Something Else happened ... a totally non-sequitur occurrence:



 The Dollmaker has been trying to figure out how to make a decent Pirate Hat

for her entire 38-year career...

and suddenly she knew just how to do it!



ARRgh!  once the Pirate Hats "hit the beach" so to speak,

Every Doll.. (scurvy bilge-rats, all..) had to try one on!



Aye! ..even the girls... er- wenches!


and even the Lions...


...Especially the Lions...



Let the Swaggering Begin!













It would seem

that the Theme

was the Spark

which caused an Arc-

The name of the game-

to set aflame-

the intent to embark

through the dark..




The Lion, the Evergreen Goddess and the Fairy... says Bev: "They are all key to this year's events!"

 Anndora came away with an armload of
Wee Characters
including three
Deviant Cats

(she had three cats at home, waiting!)




Ms. Janet told the Dollmaker that she sets up a lovely little altar

in her hotel room at the Women's Conference each year...

prominently featuring Wee Peeple Dolls!

This year Janet selected a Gourd Owl to join the Altar Throng...

and who really knows what those Wee Peeple got up to that night, but

 the Next day...

 Janet's Friend wanted to buy her a Present...


here they came, and there went the Spirit of Autumn

to Stand Small with the Other Wee Peeple on

 Janet's Hotel Room Altar!




The Dollmaker 'kindling flame' at the Woman's Conference

Photo by Jane Parsons














...a Cognizance is secretly devolving in the Mineral Kingdom...



evidenced by more and more Rock Critters becoming aware of each other...




...not that they always get along...




Fundamentalist Metamorphism will often cause fraction between Mineral groups...

and grounding rarely helps during these seismic outcroppings....

Avalanches of this nature can get dirty and sometimes even fossiliferous...

The Dollmaker's brother reported some pretty igneous plotting:


" the Browns immediately joined up with the herd of Greens against the Whites...

...slurs like 'calcification' and 'concretion' could be heard murmured...

'Schist! Only pure rock can maintain order in this world and

this sedimentation reeks of treason!' one chalky limestone muttered about his quarry."


 Oh dear! Sounds like those rubble rousers really slagged each other!

The Whites were probably petrified!

Who knows what those Browns got so molten about!







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Rock Critters and Rock Heads Page


The Painted Rocks Page





Stacking Stones


Holey Stones





well... after the show, there were still...



a few Owls and Changing Women (Maiden and Mother) (in the "Flame" Style)


These Wee Men- (who will not be parted from their new Pirate Hats)

...these Pirate gals


and Two Lions (...Take their Pirate Hats and Die, ye black-hearted blaggard) (..whoa!)



Now then...

It was really just a matter of time before the Dollmaker started painting

a Mural on the Garage Wall! 


Half of this Garage burned in the fire- that line of billowing smoke shows the separation

between the old building and the new construction..


... and inside one of the storage units where the walls still show the burn marks..

a new painting emerges from the charred remains...

which is all going to get very interesting in this next year...
















The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat




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