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August 2017

  Issue 126

Painted Mermaids are Back!

With Tails better than ever before...



..the Mermaid Tails morphed into Ball Gowns!



This could be the Dollmaker's new favorite thing to do!  She just loves to paint!!!



Heads Up!

Head News Ahead:


so what's going on with the Heads this time? Check it out:


Late August...

a Head of her Time:









It started with Rock Heads... as so many things do...

(in other words, the Dollmaker used Rocks as a starting point for the sculpting...)

but Rock Heads were too heavy to be Doll Heads...

so the Dollmaker began to use lightweight materials for the substructure

sKratch Sculpting Medium

 (ok they capitalize the K instead of the S)

Nano-sized minerals, crystals, and fiber combined to form an "Eco-dough"

{yes, it IS like a dough}

 "Any shape or form can be created with sKratch architectural sculpting mediums & composites
sKratch is a ready to form air-dry sculpting medium
that can create load bearing structures, sculptures, 3-d ornamentation, seamless moldings

and fabrication for the construction of sustainable architecture.

When dry, sKratch is something in between a rock and hard wood.
Dries thru evaporation, based on humidity and depth of sculpting

DoDoes not shrink or crack.
Ample sculpting time, use a spray bottle of water to keep area moist.
You can push it, squeeze it, sculpt it, mold it, and form it any way you like.
Skratch is fire retardant, will not burn, rot or mold.
When dry, you can carve it, sand it, screw into it, and sculpt back on to it.

Skratch is the perfect balance of plant fiber & earth based minerals;

 an architectural Eco-dough."


-from the sKratch Website






so the Dollmaker is

Modeling heads now..



sKratch Sculpting Medium..

going for enhanced

Character and Expression

 in both Humans

and Animals...




and Dragons.





yes, surprisingly! Dragons!

(not ruling out the influence of Game of Thrones here, but she has wanted to make Dragons for a very long time)






The first Dragon Heads were introduced as

 Wall Art


but then! There came, from this...

Dolls with Dragon Heads!


Uh-oh... the Dollmaker now believes she has an aptitude for...

Doll Dragon Lords....? Be afraid...





What's Next?  Dolls riding Dragons?




...could be... 







August 2017 then... During the unrelenting never-ending tale of ...Hurricane Harvey...

as one might expect, a weary wild-haired

Hurricane Greenman

followed upon the wispy heels of the Storm

holding a Spiral Shell representing a Hurricane

 (only if you look real close His spiral turns clockwise  while Harvey spun counter-clockwise)

(...most Greenmen naturally being adept at the secret "Clockwise Dance" of the Mystery Schools...)



{btw... the Dollmaker came through Hurricane Harvey unscathed... all is well in her wee world}


The Shrug Witch deals with Adversity...

 Hey- What R ya gonna do?








 ya gonna get ready for



coming up in just 30 more days...


It was Time to check on the Doll Shoppe!

Big thanks to the Johns for helping the Dollmaker with cleaning and repairs!

(Twelve large Bags of Pine Needles had to be removed from the garden, just for starters...)



Opening Day:  Saturday, September 30th




soon... soon...




Sending Love and Healing thoughts to all who were adversely affected by Hurricane Harvey!



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