How about those


House Sculptures!

This August the Dollmaker initiated an Expedition...

....into one of her storage sheds!

 In a dusty old book box acquired long ago,

she discovered a strange and mysterious

old Natural History Museum Publication

(with curious pictures all over the front and back covers)


Awesome Pre-Columbian Terra-cotta Sculpture

from Ancient Mexico....

and she fell totally in LOVE with these Little Houses!

Check OUT the Roof Designs!


 believe it or not, refers to

"Any Art in the Americas made Before Christopher Columbus got here"...

So... before 1492, right.

Well... in "Museum Speak"... "Pre-Columbian" has morphed to mean:

  "Any Art in the Americas which was NOT influenced by Meddling Conquerors."




It has been speculated by learned scholars that these adorable little

"House Models" might actually be "Spirit Dwellings"...

(after all... they were found in Tombs...)

So.. The Reader can imagine...

...around 2000 years ago... (100BC-200AD)

    There lived a short-legged but long-headed, flat-bodied, majorly hatchet-nosed, smugly unconquered (so far) little King of a someday-to-be-Archeologically Important Indigenous Culture.

He commanded his Artisans to portray, in the signature Local Red Clay, the Everyday Antics of those stretch-headed, post-shaped, curiously hatchet-nosed citizens of his realm, who loved to pack themselves like sardines into adorable little buildings to eat, smoke, sacrifice, fix their hair, and enjoy the company of parrots. And dogs.

And of course the little King would also incidentally be taking all of this Artwork into the Tomb with him when he died. Scholars came up with:

 He had religio-ritualistic reasons

for doing this... blah-blah-blah

Now, the Dollmaker could hardly sit still long enough

to read the text accompanying these photographs...

... She wanted to go Build ONE OF THOSE LITTLE HOUSES!

But not with clay.


 The Workshop is bustling!

 Inspired by Ancient Designs - Doll House Construction begins...

so something is happening here...

Beware! Doll Construction Zone!

Here's an actual Pre-Columbian House Model

for sale on the Internet for $11,000!

The Dollmaker wants one!


Some Dolls Need Arbors...

Some Dolls Need Shrines...

Some Dolls Need Stages....

And Really...

Some Dolls just need Thrones.


the Luxurious BeadHead Dolls

 Love to sit on Thrones and let their hair cascade gloriously around them

in undulating waves of Colorful Yarn

after a hard day at work decorating someone's outfit.





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