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September 2010            Issue 43


The Wee Peeple have made it to


Edge of the World

Our first You Tube Video

 a Collaboration between

Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker


Awesome Musician, Robert Firehawk




*** Etsy News Flash: Mr. Fox, Dubious Etsy Celebrity ***

About Etsy Treasuries:

Treasury is

 Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.


so... check this out!

here's Mr. Fox

as he appears in his profile picture on the

Wee Peeple Doll Constructions  ETSY PAGE

just an ordinary foxy kinda guy

but wait!

He was Discovered!

And people started to include him in their Treasuries!

This one is called "Dances with Wolves"

created by missPriscillaPomeroy 

Right.  a Treasury about Wolves

...AND... Mr. Fox.

What is he doing in there with all those wolves?


on Saturday, September 19th

This Treasury appeared, created by Dollproject

called Salt Pepper Mustard

Salt, Pepper, Mustard...

AND... Mr. Fox.

you see him there in the corner...

Kind of stretching it to call him mustard-colored- a pretty reddish mustard-

yet there he is.


Tuesday, September 21

Only Three days later....

See him there at the bottom left- there he is again!

This Treasury was created by Skunkhollow

and it is entitled: Color Me Happy

Mr. Fox doesn't look particularly happy...

yet... there he is.


The Dollmaker thinks that one foxy fellow used some kind of "glamour"

to be included in these Treasuries (shakes head)

nevertheless, she is grateful for the exposure on ETSY.



OK, so... we haven't had a good story in a few issues...


Here is a beautiful story the Dollmaker discovered long ago...




On the bulletin board in the front hall of the hospital where I work, there appeared an announcement. 

 “Yeshi Dhonden,” it read, “will make rounds at six o’clock on the morning of June 10th”. 

The particulars were then given, followed by a notation:

“Yeshi Dhonden is personal physician to the Dalai Lama.”

I join the clutch of whitecoats waiting in the small conference room adjacent to the ward selected for the rounds.

 Yeshi Dhonden, we are told, will examine a patient selected by a member of the staff.

The diagnosis is unknown to Yeshi Dhonden as it is to us.

We are further informed that for the past two hours Yeshi Dhonden has purified himself by bathing, by fasting, and prayer.

Having breakfasted well, I had performed only the most desultory of ablutions, and, having given no thought at all to my soul, 

 I glanced furtively at my fellows. Suddenly we seem a soiled, uncouth lot.

The patient had been awakened early and told that she was to be examined by a foreign doctor,

and had been asked to produce a fresh specimen of urine, so when we enter her room, the woman shows no surprise. 

 She has long ago taken on that mixture of compliance and resignation that is the face of chronic illness. 

 This was to be yet another in the endless series of tests and examinations.

Yeshi Dhonden steps to the bedside while the rest of us stand apart, watching.

For a long time he gazes at the woman, favoring no part of her body with his eyes,

but seeming to fix his glance at a place just above her supine form. I, too, study her.

 No physical sign or obvious symptom gives a clue to the nature of her disease.

At last he takes her hand, raising it in both of his own. Now he bends over the bed in kind of a crouching stance,

his head drawn down into the collar of his robe. His eyes are closed as he feels for her pulse.

In a moment he has found the spot, and for the next half hour he remains thus,

suspended above the patient like some exotic bird with folded wings, holding the pulse of the woman beneath his fingers,

cradling her hand in his. All the power of the man seems to have been drawn down into this one purpose.

It is palpitation of the pulse raised to the state of ritual.

I cannot see their hands joined in a correspondence that is exclusive, intimate,

 his fingertips receiving the voice of her sick body through the rhythm and throb she offers at her wrist.

All at once I am envious- not of him but of her. I want to be held like that, touched so, received.

And I know that I who have palpated a hundred thousand pulses, have not felt a single one.

At last Yeshi Dhonden straightens, gently places the woman's hand upon the bed, and steps back.

The interpreter produces a small wooden bowl and two sticks.

Yeshi Dhonden pours a portion of the urine specimen into the bowl and proceeds to whip the liquid with two sticks.

This he does for several minutes until a foam is raised. Then, bowing above the bowl, he inhales the odor three times.

He sets down the bowl and turns to leave. All this while he has not uttered a word.

As he nears the door, the woman raises her head and calls out to him. "Thank you doctor," she says,

and touches with her other hand the place he had held on her wrist.

Yeshi Dhonden turns back for a moment to gaze at her, then steps into the corridor. Rounds are at an end.

We are seated once more in the conference room. Yeshi Dhonden speaks now for the first time.

He speaks of winds coursing through the body of the woman, currents that break against barriers, eddying.

 These vortices are in her blood, he says. The last spendings of an imperfect heart.

Between the chambers of her heart, long long before she was born,

a wind had come and blown open a deep gate that must never be opened.

Through it charge the full waters of her river, as the mountain stream cascades in the springtime,

battering, knocking loose the land, and flooding her breath. Thus he speaks and is silent. 

“May we know the diagnosis?” a professor asks.

The host of these rounds, the only man who knows, answers.

"Congenital heart disease,” he says,

 “Interventricular septal defect, with resultant heart failure."


A gateway in the heart, I think, that must not be opened. 

Through it charge the full waters that flood her breath. 

So! Here is the doctor listening to the sounds of the body to which the rest of us are deaf. 

 He is more than doctor.  He is priest.

Now and then it happens, as I make my own rounds, that I hear the sounds of his voice,

like an ancient Buddhist prayer, its meaning long forgotten, only the music remaining.

Then it possesses me and I feel myself touched by something divine.


Originally an excerpt from Mortal Lessons

a book by surgeon, Dr. Richard Selzer


Yeshi Dhonden






The Virgin and Child with St. Anne


Saint Anne is the Wee Peeple Muse


Saint Anne


 is the one holding the Virgin on her lap... 

Kind of a strange and somewhat awkward position

 for DaVinci to have contrived... doubt heavily symbolic...


leading the student of DaVinci to suspect the existence of

a Vital Clue

to some sort of CODE....


This Detail of the famous painting

hangs on the wall of the Dollmaker's Studio at home.


For 30 years the Dollmaker

 has used this face as a model 

for her dolls

especially dolls with

closed or lowered eyes

 Besides admiration, the Dollmaker refers to the face of St. Anne 

for inspiration, proportion, emotion

(compassion, affection), shading, and even chiaroscuro


So the Dollmaker has always had a certain fondness for DaVinci...

and now also for those of her own generation who adore to unravel his mysteries....



Da Vinci Quotes:

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

Note how the three feet form a sort of triangle- uh-huh!

 (Hidden symbolism for sure right there!)


"Study without desire spoils the memory,

and it retains nothing that it takes in."


ah, DaVinci... what a guy!



One day, this message came in the email for the Dollmaker...


Dear Miss Kandra,

 My son Tristan wanted me to show you the home he's made for his Greenman.

 Hope you are having a wonderful day.





This is what Tristan (ten years old) had to say

about his Greenman Home:

 "I chose to put the box around my Greenman because I thought he should have a little house. 

 I chose the box because it's more cave-like.  I decided to put the stones and dragon tears on and around the house

 because I thought it looked a bit cooler.  I put my dragon, Mischief, on there

because I thought my Greenman needed a protector."


Thank you Tristan and Heidi for sharing this awesome picture with us!



speaking of GREEN>>>

Remember the Larvae of the Hawk Moth was the 

Tomato Hornworm...

Dollmaker finds 

Gigundous Hornworm in the Backyard!

He was dining upon Lantana, of all things! Must be a Superfood for Hornworms.


(Just had to share that with you)




is coming right up!




  To get to the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

Shoppe #145




Follow the sidewalk all the way down.


We are located right there along the sidewalk,

just before you get to the beautiful big Odeon Stage.




Speaking of Sidewalks....

Pine Tree causes Crater-like Crevasse in Wee Peeple Walkway!

(you get the idea, anyway)

Remember the way that pine tree in the Wee Peeple Garden had been "uplifting" the sidewalk?

So that the worthy patrons of the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe might experience a closer view of the earth...

 by falling down into enormous cracks that had appeared...


The Dollmaker, deciding decisively that patrons tumbling around the Wee Peeple Doll Garden

were NOT on her agenda for this season,

picked up the cell phone and consulted with her Renaissance Neighbor, Lord Ashford (the Furrier),

who originally installed her lovely little garden walkway back in the 80's...

(the same fellow who supervised the construction of ALL the sidewalks at TRF)...

Lord Ashford, who had warned the Dollmaker many years ago not to plant that pine tree,

 hurrumphed at the news that the pine tree roots were destroying the sidewalk.

Pine Trees, he stated clearly, do not want us here.

The Dollmaker humbly admitted that he had probably been right about not planting that pine tree,

 but what could be done about it now?

(ok, alright... you get the idea...)




The darling little promenade which used to be so easy to stroll through, now resembled an obstacle course!


Well... Lord Ashford had problems of his own

 (the beautiful vines completely covering the shoppe next door had died suddenly and mysteriously,

and he was having to replace the whole roof at the last minute),


 the guys who helped him install the sidewalk no longer worked for him...

In fact, they were retired.   

 oh dear.


surprise surprise!

When the Dollmaker arrived to clean the Doll Shoppe on Saturday, September 26th, the Magick Garden was abuzz with activity.

The Dollmaker was astounded and amazed! The fellows who had installed the sidewalk over 20 years ago were there!

Good old Salvadore and his crew came out of retirement

 to do this little job... for Ms. Wee!

They had broken the sidewalk back 2 feet in front of the most devastating crack,

and they had been drilling holes for rebar into the existing sidewalk.

They were getting ready to mix up some yummy brick-colored concrete

and pour it in when the Dollmaker got there.

They fixed it beautifully!  Big YAY!

Salvadore. What a guy.




We could NEVER have repaired that sidewalk like they did. Fantastic job!



so come on down to


(actually, it's Todd Mission)

and see the new tower roof and the repaired sidewalk

at the Wee Peeple Shoppe


and don't forget to print out this coupon:




Good during the 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival season only
DATES: October 9th- November 28th, 2010


Printable Version:

TRF Coupon


See you soon!




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one must turn to a greater imagination."  

-attributed to Da Vinci



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