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  July 2011        Issue 53  


Check out this Nifty Red Hatter Arts and Crafts Project

Fans from FORKS!

  There are FORKS in those there FANS, friends!

(and the center is Two Paper Plates)

Pretty FANcy!

Who Woulda Thunk it?




As the Drought continues... The Dollmaker learns about


a solution to drought conditions

Farming Fog


We can never be sure what lowly or unexpected sources

 might bring us the influences we require.

-Rob Brezney


(Like the gnarly old melted bottles from the Bottle Dump...?)





The Dollmaker draws Inspiration from

 Arbors, Archways, and Trellises



Flowery arches and Grape-viney Gate Ways

are all that stand between 

a curious doll and the irresistible Unknown!

 dolls sense the magic in a Threshold...



Adventurous Dolls Challenged by Decorated Arbors

Like certain fur-friends, we know that Dolls cannot resist crossing a THRESHOLD!

Especially when that Threshold opens up into Magical Provinces

populated by laws-of-physics-bending fantastical and often dangerous characters

who mean Trouble with a Capitol T, cannot be stopped or damaged,

and would eventually cause the Jolly Adventure to become fraught with every imaginable conflict,

but the Adventurous Dolls can always escape because:

(hee hee) The Supernatural Troublemakers cannot follow

when Dolls cross back over their Lovingly Decorated Thresholds!



Transform any Mundane Environment into a Magical Portal Location!



 Wee Arbors will be available this Fall

to serve as Portals to the Unknown at the

Texas Renaissance Festival

(Open every weekend in October and November)



has never really been all THAT strange...    hee hee

....until Now!

blame The Mutating Mind

Now Hatching: Brassy mechanical Steampunkish Assemblages:

The Wee BirdaTrons

made with Metals...

and playing cards...



mad warriors

(Guest appearance - Steampunk Receptionist played by an Abi Monroe Doll)



Wild Women Make Dolls.

Doll-Crazed Red Hatters make Wearable Lady Pins

at the Wee Peeple Doll Studio!

Well Done, Ladies!


Check out the Whole Event

Photo Album and Slideshow at:


"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

- John Wooden


This collage was published in the July Issue of

 the Art Dolls Only Newsletter

Doll Artists:

~ Tireless Artist ~
~ Cooper Dolls ~
~ Wee Peeple Doll Constructions ~
~Evelyn's Wonderland ~




The Mermaid Painting is almost finished...



Thanks for all your prayers for Pancho...

a Cat with 8 Lives left.

Pancho, now known as "Scar"

Who got hit by a car...

He might have had a few broken bones,

but all he knows is: He's Glad to be Home!

After two weeks in the Hospital,

Welcome Home Pancho!

 July... month of miracles!



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