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April 2011            Issue 50


A Steampunk Engineer adjusts the

 Randomity Settings

on his
Chaos Modulator

"Opening Weekend"

The Dollmaker was having a "visualization moment":

"Somehow a gallon of fresh brown paint will arrive and

Someone will show up to paint the trim."

Suddenly, Back-door Neighbor Carla was going to Walmart!

She was able to pick up a gallon of fresh brown paint for the Dollmaker!

and Then! Pretzel Kenny (long-time friend of the Wee Peeple)
came along and said

No Problem! I'll paint the trim for a six-pack!

COO-EL. Thanks Pretzel Kenny!

 And Thanks to the Forces That Answer!

(the Renaissance Festival)


so... The Renaissance... What is it, really?

Is it about Jousting?



During the Renaissance,

Baldassare Castiglione

wrote "The Book of the Courtier"

 ...a guide on how to become a Renaissance Man.



{also known as "Universal Man" or  "Man of the World"}

"...should have a detached, cool, nonchalant attitude,

and speak well, sing, recite poetry, have proper bearing, be athletic, know the humanities and classics,

 paint and draw and possess many other skills, always without showy or boastful behavior,

in short, with "sprezzatura". [nonchalance]



Examples of "a Renaissance Man" would be:

 Painter, poet, medalist, philosopher,

hydraulic engineer, cryptographer, musician,

architect, and writer-novelist

Isaac Newton (1643–1727)

Physicist, mathematician,

astronomer, theologian,

natural philosopher,

and alchemist.

Galileo Galilei (1564–1642),

Scientist, mathematician, 

astronomer, physicist,

philosopher and flautist.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) 

 Painter, sculptor, engineer, astronomer,

anatomist, biologist, geologist, physicist, architect, 

philosopher, inventor, humanist.

Z'Ahn (the present)

Photogenic Professor of Peculiarities,


Eccentric, Time-Bandit


 (List of More Renaissance Men)



Not one "Renaissance Man" was distinguished for his

Jousting abilities!?

Surely they Joust! 


So, meanwhile... at

(the Renaissance Festival)

"More wonderful things happen than anybody seems to be willing to admit."

-Rob Bresney


(We didn't do it!)

Gordon and the Greenman

The "Greening" of Gordon

You see what can happen!

This man needs Chaos Modulation!

A link to the STORY of the GREENMAN

(Dollmaker's Version)

WHAT-? Green is Great!

Chaos Modulating - Demonstration

 Easter Eggs contained discount coupons!

Cute Awards

Cassie and her new baby, Layla

Cassie is our Wee Peeple Shop Manager again this season at Scarborough

        The voluptuous and mystical Mystick: 

Wee Peeple Parade Person!

The Dollmaker visited with old friends,

Teacher Jennifer and Hairbraider Karen


This lady is going to take her Newbie Wee Doll to Ireland and post a Photo-Essay on Facebook of the Doll in many different locations!


Bon Voyage Little Green Doll!

A Steampunk Peddler Doll

checking the Improbability Drive

for a reading on luna moths

A Luna Moth Appearance

An Easter Story

It was a cool, still dark Easter morning, and the Dollmaker, half asleep, felt something weird beside her in the bed.

Instinctively, she flicked it away- but immediately had to know what it was, so she turned on the light.

Wow. There, lightly perched improbably upon a fallen napkin on the floor beside the bed was a strange green...  Luna Moth!

What? What the heck?

This does not ordinarily happen. The Dollmaker wasn't quite sure that she was awake. Goodness! What if she had rolled over on the poor thing and squished it! She leaned over the side of the bed, picking up the napkin carefully, and checked the large silent moth for signs of life.

Oh it was alive alright! And miraculously perfect down to it's tiny feathered antennae. But it wasn't really moving. Oh dear! The Dollmaker fretted, imagining that the poor creature might have dropped on her bed during the night, in it's last throes before it perished.

She decided to put the Moth on her desk and just wait to see if it revived. It was kind of small- maybe it had actually just hatched, and didn't know how to fly yet! She would wait.

Meanwhile, breakfast was eaten, floors were swept, and dolls were positioned outdoors. The Dollmaker listened to the thoughts of friends and neighbors and discovered that the Moth would most likely survive if taken to a nearby Honeysuckle bush.

If it showed signs of life.

When the Dollmaker returned to her desk, she rejoiced to find that the Luna Moth was on the move!

It had already climbed a small doll and seemed to be quite alert. The Dollmaker decided: It was Honeysuckle Time!

She gently picked up the doll with it's little rider holding on tight, and, shielding the Luna Moth from the breeze, transported her small green charge to the mass of honeysuckle vines profusely growing over a nearby fence.

Ok, here you go, whispered the Dollmaker to the Moth. Watch out for those massive spiderwebs! She set the moth free in the honeysuckle branches.

OH no! The Luna Moth did not cling to a branch, but instead, went flipping and falling to the ground. Cripes! This wouldn't do at all! Maybe the Moth really was dying and didn't have the strength to hold on to a branch!

Not wanting to disturb the delicate wings, the Dollmaker tried only once more to lift the moth off the ground and set it on a branch. Same thing happened.

NOt good. But once again the Dollmaker decided to just wait. Let the thing sit on the ground for heaven's sake then! At least it won't have far to fall if it starts flipping around again. So the Dollmaker backed off.

Just then the Luna Moth took off running! Never having seen a moth run before, the Dollmaker just stood there horrified! Oh! What in the world? But then the Moth just stopped. Out in the open. The Dollmaker thought- oh great! No shelter- anyone could come along- a dog- and step on you there! NOt Good!

Oh dear! Then, as the Dollmaker kept guard, the Luna Moth began to tremble. The body, the wings... the poor pretty little winged creature was just shivering and shaking all over!

The Dollmaker called around for witnesses- She said- Something is going on here! Either this creature is in the throes of death or it just hatched and is trying to figure out how to use it's wings! Two people came over to watch.

For an endless minute, as the humans held their breaths, the lovely Green Moth continued to tremble. And then, quite suddenly,

the Luna Moth took flight!

It circled up over the stage area and landed perfectly on the mossy shingles of a shoppe roof.

So, the Dollmaker and the other human witnesses cheered the first flight of a baby Luna Moth that Easter morning, and considered themselves blessed to have seen it!

Wow! What a Cool way to start the day!


So, yes, Scarborough Faire, the Renaissance Festival, is open for 5 more weekends!

AT the Wee Peeple Doll Arte Gallerie...

Cool accessories for the hot M'Lady!
(va va va voom!)

The Bead Head Dolls still Rock!

Lavishly Decorative
and especially PERFECT for the
Most Extraordinary
HAT Styles!


Doll-Wearing! Another inexplicable fashion craze!


OK, Now... here's that valuable coupon again!



This COUPON GOOD FOR $5.00 off any item $35.00 or more

Good during the 2011 Scarborough Faire season only
DATES: April 9th- Memorial Day, May 30th, 2011





And Speaking of HATS!

On MONDAy April 25th

the Crazy Crimson Girls joined forces

with many other Red Hatter Groups

from far and wide

to have

"Dessert First"

at the Texas Grill in Bastrop, Texas

(Let them eat cake! NO! Not cake again!)

That was before they walked, drove and wheeled in wheelchairs

out onto the Old Iron Bridge for the

Annual Spitting off the Bridge Event.


The Dollmaker was there for the cake and the lunch (in that order)

but she did not join the gang afterwards on the Bridge for the spitting...


It was a very windy day.




Meanwhile, a proclamation from the

Faire Go-ers and  "Other Faire Organizers" might like to check this out.

While "Other Faires" (You know who you are!)

may be discontinuing the ever-popular-with-the-people

Season Passes

Texas Renaissance Festival is now

actually offering this long-awaited type of pass to the public!


The Dollmaker screen-grabbed this

Etsy Treasury 

(created by Skunkhollow)
 which included
a Man on a Journey Doll


Anything we do randomly and frequently

starts to make its own sense

and changes the world into itself.

Ann Herbert




In spite of the Drought conditions

Early Girls! otherwise known as "the Hairy Leg" Tomatoes...
seem to be doing okay... so far, so good!


Huzzah! Lift up thine feet!

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