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"Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive

and then go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."


-Dr. Howard Thurman






In October and November

Check out the

Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe

at the


"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing,"

-Thomas Szasz









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    PO Box 326       Smithville, TX  78957




October 11th -  November 30th, 2014

Shoppe #145











Wee Peeple Newsletter Topics


 Bottle Doll Tutorial 

Dollmaker Learns Swordplay

Roman Bacchanalia Weekend

A Shelling Adventure

Wee Peeple Dolls... the Early Years

Sherwood Forest Faire

Giant Lizard Battle

Stacking Stones

Bottle Doll Tutorial 


You Tube Video

Sacred Datura

The Other Side

Wall Art

Esoteric Pinocchio

The Bottle Hunt

Changing Woman

Dollmakers of Mexico

Holey Stones

The story of
The Card

a book-signing with
Peter S. Beagle

Mold Making


The Peabody Ducks


The story of
Vasilisa the Brave

Bev Taylor
Woodworker Extraordinaire

The Three Dresses

The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat

The Lady Nevermind

The Bogman Coat

Crystal Hunting in Arkansas

Bling Art Doll Gallery

Red Hat Society

Concentric Circles













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