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How To Purchase the Wee Peeple Doll Calendar

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About the Artist

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 CatPeeple Doll Gallery


~ Summary of Doll Construction ~
2007 - 2014


Doll Construction Highlights


Wee Peeple Dolls...
the Early Years






August 2019

It's just a matter of TIME now...



for Watch Witches...


and for the

Opening Day is: Saturday, October 5th

Closing Day is: Sunday, December 1st




June-July 2019














April-May 2019


Shamanic inclinations...





The Counselor









a Galaxy of Starbursts! Felted Coasters and Doilies...





March 2019






The Long Spirals




Jan-Feb 2019




Misty Maidens, Spirit Dolls, Goddesses



Made especially for

the 2019 Women's Conference

held this year in Hot Springs, Arkansas!


the Theme this year was:

 Peace and Healing

in the

Valley of the Vapors





Oct-Nov, 2018:

 Bird Totems, Lions, Foxes, Cats,  and

New MousePeeple!





Doll Airships Page


 Pirate Hats



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3Check out the

 Belt-Skirt Page


also- the Gourd Guys



Small Dolls made from Tassels.






~ Painted Soft Sculptures ~


Owls and Cats


Painted Mermaids



Mermaids tails became Ball Gowns!





Found Object Assemblages












The Story of the
Three Dresses


The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat



The Story of
Lady Nevermind



You Tube Video



Rock Critters and Rock Heads Page

The Painted Rocks Page


 In October and November

Check out the

at the

Shoppe #145



 Grandfather Frost Page


Art using Recycled Materials


Steampunk Page




   512-332-6680    cell phone

send email to:

Smithville, TX  78957

A Tunnel Painting Page




Roman Bacchanalia Weekend

Dollmaker Learns Swordplay


Mermaid Page



Animal Totem Rocks






Wee Peeple Newsletter Topics



Let's Rock Page


Holey Stones


Sacred Geometry

Concentric Circles



 Cat Peeple Dolls



 The Smile of the

Cheshire Cat


The Goddess Freya



Bottle Doll



Dogs Playing Poker


A Shelling Adventure




Giant Lizard Battle


Dollmakers of Mexico


A Dollmaker's Reunion




Bev Taylor
Woodworker Extraordinaire


The Bogman Coat


Bling Art Doll Gallery


Mold Making



The Bottle Hunt


The Peabody Ducks

Wall Art

Sacred Datura




Alice in Wonderland Dolls


The Wee Men


Sea Goddesses






Wearable Art Page


The Story of
King Midas














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