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May 2024                                  Issue 207


May Day! The first May Flower!!


And the first ripe Tomato..



Collecting smooth rocks, all washed and drying in the sun..

while the Stargazer Lily begins to bud out.

A beautiful May morning!



Found!  Old Photo Albums!!

filled with photos of  Vintage Wee Peeple Dolls!



Remember! There were Always Copies!

The ubiquitous COPIES

of Photos that the Dollmaker took years ago, but were lost in the Fire!


The Return of Lost Photos!

 Darling daughter, Shannon

 Angel of Albums! Arrived

On Mother's Day! no less!

bearing a Treasure Trove of Photo Albums...

Pictures mostly taken by the Dollmaker herself, decades ago,

preserved for this moment

within the Estates of Shannon's Father and Grandparents



some amazing stuff..

All nicely dated too!

now being relocated into fresh clean new albums

until the Dollmaker can transfer them to digital format...







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