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Wee Feet

are 'taking a stance'





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Doll Construction Highlights


Wee Peeple Dolls...
the Early Years




Really got a "foothold"...

now elevated to the status of Primary Obsession for 2018


of course these dolls like to be known as

steppers, striders, perambulators, strutters, and having good legs...

(alas ..actually often posers, loiterers, dawdlers, and swaggerers (with beanpole legs))



are still "a step up" ...a lotta Legwork going on there!


Oh my, but those adorable little all-occasion Booties!

the Dollmaker had to be restrained from naming them:  the Cutie Bootie Dolls...



alright she is still thinking of naming them:  the Cutie Bootie Dolls.....        (yes!)

or possibly the Feet Peeple.... hmmm- or simply... Wee Feet! ..sounds French



Whether hiking or huffing, asserting, trailblazing, or simply "bystanding"...

 the new Wee Feet Dolls are "going in on foot"



Introducing the strutting Tassel Girls!

Small Dolls made from Tassels.

...known to be real swingers...


also on the bench:

Ballerina Belles

Perched on fabulous Cedar Stands

Yes! The Dollmaker discovered old logs in her yard-

what a surprise when she cut them into sections for the Doll Stands

and they were Cedar! Very fragrant and with a colorful ring pattern..

This just keeps getting better!






The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat



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