The Hidey-Hole Challenge






Spring... and irresistible inclinations..

...perhaps it was a primal urge for "nesting"

beckoning the Wee Peeple to begin hunting for

 "natural habitats"...

(some prefer the term: Hidey- Hole)






Neat, sweet and brushy!

A Hidey Hole located strategically

behind a sort-of abandoned vintage copper fountain!


With just a few support sticks,

that lush overhanging asparagus fern

could be elevated,

 creating high ceilings on the inside...




...a whole month of good brisk days.. perfect for

Hidey-hole Hunting

On a whim one venturesome fellow

found himself a pretty good

Hide-out  in the yard
not too far from the back door...


A wood and stone-walled Wee Man-Cave!

-spacious inside, close to a water source,

 formerly gently occupied by toads..
(they slept by day and were gone at night)

It'll do.. just nicely, he thought.

but wait..

across the sidewalk- another Hole

 with great potential... 







Other dolls, usually timid but emboldened by "Spring"

began scouting around the Dollmaker's yard for interesting prospects...


It became the Hidey Hole Challenge!

and then Hidey Hole Fever "went viral"...


as all nooks, crannies, animal dens, random brick piles etc.

became fair game for Dolls seeking the Ultimate

"Outdoorsy Getaway"






The perfect Hidey Hole is Out There!

the Quest for unique Hideouts

 soon moved outside

the boundaries of the Dollmaker's yard... baskets Dolls rode

and Holes

were their Goals!





Into the Forests!!



ah- to be loose in the forest-

where rascally little trickster dolls

wiled away the hours- playing

We Hide and You go Seek...





and the forests presented other "Diversions" as well...


oft-embraced by ambient terrain

a veritable playground of

semi-permanent interactive Forest Art Installations 

charmed the dolls to distraction...






and so the expansion of "Get-away Consciousness" progressed naturally...

as certain Visionary-type Dolls began to see images of Dream Holes in

fantasy lands beyond familiar borders...


Road Trip! 




...Which turned out to be a total Digression from Hidey-Hole Hunting!

Nevertheless, in the "spirit of play" the Dollmaker and Company

Raised their glasses and  "Let the Deviations continue!"






Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! OMG!

Dolls loose at the Faire? Didn't anyone see Trouble looming on the horizon here?




 certain Small individuals could get into a lot of trouble at a faire...

while searching for the Miraculous...

around horses, amongst glass bottles, under helmets... in tip jars!

...remember, these were the days of dungeons!!!



Ah, but a Fortune Teller could blend right in... even gain some notoriety amongst her peers...





mostly though, it was Dolls getting in Trouble.


and when Hidey Holes WERE found,

it was because Dolls were actually hiding in them!




It was best to "Getaway"...

Onwards- backwards! to The Quest!

To the Challenge!

To the River!



..where once again, unfortunately, there were very few Hideouts,

but plenty of idle sunny-afternoon-style distraction.....



searching further on up along the riverbank,

the Dolls found a Glorious Mansion!


There on the hillside she stood -proud and precarious- a real Fantasy Tree!

With gnarley roots and Hidey Holes galore!



a Visionary Doll's lifelong Dream come true..



...but then those little -silly little dolls- got up to their old tricks again...



 the real challenge was getting those little hellions back into their travel baskets...



 But after weeks of Intensive Happy Hidey Hole Hunting

someone thought up the even jollier idea of creating



and Because it is so fun,

the Dollmaker expects to have to shoot thousands of photos for this Challenge..

of course, she will only need 12 pictures

for a one-year Calendar... (but still...)











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