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September 2019                              Issue 151





Remember, back in March,

when the demand for new natural and unnatural

Hidey Holes

launched an unprecedented

flurry of doll worldliness!


well, for the

~ Year 2020 ~

marking the end of a decade, signaling new and fortuitous beginnings..

somewhat deeply moved, the Dollmaker waxed communicative

 feeling compelled to compile a commemorative communiqué...

on Hidey Hole Hunting...








At any rate, the Dolls are rarin' to get over there... the

where there will also be...


 Flower Pins




Rock Critters











Opening Day: Saturday, October 5th

Closing Day: Sunday, December 1st







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The perfect creative stance is-

 satisfaction where I am

and eagerness for more.

-Esther and Abraham


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Roman Bacchanalia Weekend







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