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November 2020                                      Issue 165















Right... there are the Wise Women, the Healers, and then there's






The Coming of Winter




meanwhile in the Doll forest... new growth...



the Winter Trees

a Giving Tree

has one leaf to give... spring he gives

the first leaf...



and in winter,

the last leaf...


 and the Goofy Trees...






still Coming up... 'Celtic' Christmas Weekend...



ah yes... Delve into a Prophetic Dream...

the Grand Anomaly of a 16th Century Village all aglow

with millions of futuristic Christmas Lights!



Right Ho! There's still time to dance, prance and dash on over to experience a pseudo

the blessedly final "Themed Weekend" of the



One more Faire Weekend to go!

Here comes that

 Notorious Three-Day Weekend


...while still only marginally coherent due to the nationwide onset of

 "Thanksgiving Food Coma"...



All must still face

Maniacal Black Friday-

marching into the Mass Consciousness with it's heavy boots on...


extending the final Weekend to 3 Days at the



Suggestions for Christmas Gifts:




Michael's Latest

the Micro Gypsy Caravans


and colorful Fairy Gates and Sleighs! - perfect for the Holidaze!






will still be available after the faire is over-



One size fits... most heads.


 just contact the Dollmaker at







and the Dollmaker gives Thanks

for the great team she had this year at the Texas Renaissance Festival...

...Who all agreed with the Dollmaker

that this was a Game Worth Playing.


She also gives Thanks

 for the whole Faire Persevering with Covid Protocols and subsequently

being allowed to stay open through all Nine Weekends...


(...the Corona Virus having been totally upstaged by

Shoppe Fires, Murder, (seriously?!) Break-ins, Theft, belligerent Drunks and

the loss of several key Office personnel during the run of the faire)!


 Really??? Yowsa!




but the MOST gratitude is for the Festival

 Going Back to 8 Weekends Next Year!





The Dollmaker will report on the 9th and Final Weekend of the

The Covid Christmas- er- Celtic Christmas Weekend..

in the December Issue...










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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."

-Thomas Szasz

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