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May  2022                              Issue 183


Wearable Art...

Lady Pins of the past...




the New Lady Pins













Wee Peeple
Newsletter Topics



Stacking Stones 





Crystal Hunting in Arkansas


The Hidey Hole


The Strange Story of
"Father" Christmas




A Shelling Adventure


Mermaid Page


Cat Peeple Dolls

 The Smile of the

Cheshire Cat




You Tube Video


About the Dolls







Wee Peeple Dolls..
the Early Years


 Steampunk Page


 How To Purchase Dolls


The Stream
Fabric Collage

Cardboard Constructions





Esoteric Pinocchio








Giant Lizard Battle


Dollmakers of Mexico



The Bogman Coat



The Wee Men




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Rock Critters  and Rock Heads

Dollmaker Learns Swordplay






Wee Peeple

Newsletter Topics

Dogs Playing Poker


Sacred Datura

Doll Catalogue



The story of
 Grandfather Frost

The story of
The Card



The Story of the
Three Dresses



The Story of
Lady Nevermind





About the Artist



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