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May 2020                                 Issue 159




continues - Homegirl Occupies the Post Office


Is this Challenge still happening?

...the Dollmaker asks...

Oh yes, gangs more Fun with the May


...from "Mandatory" to "Recommended"

Dizzy Daizy is still "playing it safe"


The May Masks


and some Most Excellent Accessorizing...!  



Delphine ROCKS both The Tiger and The Glam!




Oui Oui! Does she look French?

good! Because she's Off to France!

Mais oui, Madame! Tres belle! Magnifique!




the Roomates...

Art Masks for Ruth and Elise.



and a couple of Masked Tigers... off to Smithville!





Pandemic Poise

If one has HAIR

it can be tossed in a carefree manner over the sides of the Mask

forming a fine frame for a somewhat plausible Alternative Face





A White Tiger Mask Travels Overseas



<<< a screenshot

One of the
White Tiger Masks
made it all the way to
Beirut, Lebanon!
That Mask was the first to cross
the Great Water.
And, interestingly, is owned now by a
Lady Newscaster...Nisso H. Hat

who happens to have
a friend here in Texas...
who sent her this Mask!

James Valentine Horton!!!

You Rogue! (He bought FIVE Masks!)













So the Dollmaker claims to feel most comfortable in her Crazy Daisy Mask

That pointy nose! She has taken to walking around the store nodding at people-

with that Crazy Daisy Grin.. takes a while to "Own" it.... but once the "persona" takes hold...








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The important thing is
to tell yourself a life story in which
you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver
rather than a helpless victim.
This is well within your power,
whatever fate might have dealt you.


-Martha Beck


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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."


-Thomas Szasz


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