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Who- or what- were they?

Well, they were Personifications

of Knowledge and the Arts,

 especially Poetry, Literature, Dance and Music

 Erato- the Muse of Love Poetry


Writers of antiquity

would ascribe to each Muse a particular role:


 Calliope became the Muse of epic poetry;

Clio, the Muse of history;

 Erato- the Muse of erotic poetry;

 Euterpe, the Muse of lyric poetry;

 Melpomene, the Muse of Theatrical tragedy;

 Polyhymnia, the muse of sublime hymns;

 Terpsichore, the Muse of choral song and dance;

 Thalia, the Muse of comedy;

and Ourania, the Muse of astronomy.



The symbols of


were the Lyre, the Scrolls, the Globe, the Writing Tablet,

the Comic and Tragic Mask and the Flute.



The Teachings of



 is the muse of Epic Poetry. Referred to as the Superior Muse, she inspires heroic poems and prose, encouraging responsive, coherent language.


 is the muse of History. She celebrates great deeds and accomplishments, and shares news of these deeds. In her role as historian, Clio asks us what has worked to date and what has not worked.


 the muse of Love Poetry, challenging us to share our love with others. That love and enthusiasm can be infectious, leading others to engage more fully in the process.


 As the muse of Music, she can be called on to add harmony and grace to poetry, lyrics and prose. She supports our efforts to make our music poetic and harmonious.








is the muse of Sacred Music and Poetry. She accompanies us during serious, pensive and contemplative moments.

reminds us to Dance, encouraging us to release our inhibitions. She makes anything creatively possible.


 the Muse of Comedy, wears the theatrical comedy mask. She reminds us to step back from our work and try not to take everything so seriously. With Thaliaís help, we can gain a new perspective.


 is the muse of Astronomy. Each time we invent a new process or discover a new tool, Urania sits beside us guiding our way, like the celestial stars.


 is the muse of tragedy. She helps us understand how to improve for the next time. Melpomene teaches us lessons of patience, forgiveness, teamwork and humility.







a "Sister Goddess"

Work in Progress...





 The Dollmaker belongs to several Art Doll Groups online...

she recently joined This group:

Art Dolls and Art Doll Artists

and was delighted to find that the administrator of the page

used one of her new Wee Men for their cover photo! Wow!






Spring Sale!






 forgive the pun but

The Gardens are Gourdious!!!!  LOL


( the Word Gourdious by Wordsmith, Mark Miller! LOL)











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"What people really need and demand from life

is not wealth, comfort, or esteem,

 but games worth playing."

-Thomas Szasz


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The standard of success in life isnít the things.

 It isnít the money or the stuff -

it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.





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